Not much of a photographer, but here are some…

Alabama Day Photos! LOL 



 The Program



 70k strong. Felt like a lot more than that.



 Another Stadium shot




There were quite a few people there.


Nice picture of University  Blvd.

I’ll try to do a better job and get more photos next time I’m on campus and back home. Hope you all enjoyed.



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The album is still being mixed but until then, check out CD specs! I am beyond really loving how this whole album looks.


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Saving Central: Fighting Re-Segregation in the South.

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The following video post is a documentary about a high school I spent 3 years of my life in. I grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as many people know and anyone who knows me personally knows that I felt very disillusioned with the manner in which the city is run. I won’t go into all of that here because it’s not that important. What’s important is that the message gets out about how the local school board and United States education system has failed different parts of the country in this regard. School’s are becoming RE-SEGREGATED in different parts of the country each day and it’s pretty criminal how ignorant a lot of the world is to some of these.

I feel like if there is anything I can do to promote change or help prevent this type of thing from continuing to blossom into a bigger entity then something such as posting this on my blog and spreading the message is the least I can do.

Please Reblog, share, comment, and leave your thoughts on this when you have a chance.


Edited this post to include quotes from the Tuscaloosa News article and link to the new article posted today.


In the initial stages of her research, Hannah-Jones came across a study by Stanford University that showed that within three years of being released from court desegregation orders, many school systems started resegregating.

“So I contacted the Stanford researchers and I asked them where are the districts that have resegregated most rapidly,” she said. “They sent me a list of the top 10 and Tuscaloosa was on that list. Tuscaloosa wasn’t the worst on the list, but it was among the worst in the country.”

She chose Tuscaloosa City Schools over the other nine because it’s in the South, the system still has white students and it hasn’t been extensively written about nationally.

“Tuscaloosa really interested me because it was small enough to intimately tell a story, and that it had gone from one high school (Central) with perfect integration — not perfect as in flawless, but perfect because all students went to the same school — to three high schools,” she said.

“I was interested that Tuscaloosa had found a solution to segregation that had worked, and I wanted to know why it had gone away from that. And of course, Tuscaloosa has a lot of history with the ‘Stand in the Schoolhouse Doors’ and Alabama being the cradle of the civil rights movement.”

The full article is here,

Discussion: What type of things interest you?

Hey all. It’s yours truly here trying something a bit different here to try and generate some discussion on the blog. I was wondering, what type of things interest you guys? Like, what type of information do you enjoy following?

For example, I’m into Tech news, prose and poetry, college football, anime, college football, basketball, etc. I’m asking because in my continued efforts to expand the blog I’d like to post more pieces geared toward different readers. I mean, i’m fine sharing my writing and opinion pieces all the time but I’d also like to cater to those who show their support and help me generate my work you guys. So, let me know in the comments below so I can get to work on different pieces and get something awesome content generated!



Story Snippet..4/14

There is a certain pattern to running through dark and rain-swept alleys. It is a pattern of fear and relief. Fear cropping up at every shadow that you come across, with the expectation of some unknown yet horrifying danger waiting to jump out at you. Relief when you get closer and realize it is nothing. You forget the danger and feel safe, at least until turning the corner and the next shadow is holding a danger.


Despite all logic telling me that such dangers did not exist, they still held my attention. I ignored the rain and the cold and all the things caused by it: a line of moisture that seemed always to find a dry path down my back; how my rain-plastered hair hung in my eyes; the way that the water caused my undergarments to ride up.


About the only thing that I did notice was the increasing difficulty it was too keep my pace up because of my waterlogged footwear. That slowed me down, something more than annoying – it was almost fatal. I stumbled, and something nicked my shoulder. Pain flared up and I instinctively grabbed for it. My balance off, I fell in a clumsy somersault, landing on my back and skidding a few feet.


I paused a brief moment before scrambling to my feet. I spun around, bringing my hands up in a futile measure of protection. Whatever defenses I could put up wouldn’t stop whatever was thrown at me.


There was a scuff behind me. Shit, I’d forgotten about the second one – the swordplayer. I swallowed, turning towards him. First threats first, after all. His grip on the blade was unwavering, aimed directly at my throat. One easy lunge and it would be through me.


My name is Karen Thompson. And I’m…


Communication 4/12

Hey all, I’m feeling introspective again so I decided to write up a quick blog post to out how I felt.

Here we go!

So, most of my life I’ve never been the best communicator. A lot of this may be a result of how I’ve chosen to communicate in different situations and what I’ve been led to believe is ‘acceptable’ communication. Biggest example of this is in my early 20s I always seem to have problems resolving issues or confronting others with my friends. It took things escalating or elevating to something physically happening before we actually went about solving problems. Even then! We still never had meaningful convo about it, more like a bunch of time passed and we got over it. My question for my readers is why do you think it is that most males are raised in this manner? In particular, African American males. As children we’re essentially taught that if we don’t solve the issue with fisticuffs or letting time pass to squash it then we’re done with that person. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t really feel like that’s an acceptable alternative anymore. I want to be able to rise any child I may potentially have to avoid that type of pitfall and pass on guidance to any other children I may be able to as well.


F is for Failure

WiL D Palazzo:

Here’s a post from my big sis’s blog I thought you folks might like!

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Failure is not what I really planned to write about on my “F” day for the A to Z blog challenge.  I should be posting my “E” day post, but I’m still working on it. It’s bigger than I intended and may not be posted until “Z” Day.  Life has gotten in the way of my writing time. It’s difficult to settle the mind and create when stressed.  But I am pressing forward! So this week, look forward to double posts and possibly triple posts while I catch up on the challenge!  I’m not giving up on this challenge!!

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