So, I’m pretty sure a good majority of you have seen Adult Swim/Aaron Mcgruder’s the Boondocks. I think that this show is extremely amusing not only due to it’s parodies of black culture but America in general. Back in August what was billed as the last season aired and it had an episode I think was quite interesting called “The Lovely Ms. Ebony Jones”. For those of you who follow my blog I’d like your thoughts on the way this episode delivers it’s content in comparison to some of the other episodes. If you haven’t seen the episode I’m providing a link to it below.

The Lovely Miss Ebony

I will try to find a youtube link to post later. Please comment and tell me what you think. it’s my opinion that this is possibly one of the best episodes of the boondocks and fitting if this IS the last season of the show.

    • Thomas
    • March 13th, 2011

    Not sure why, but I can’t hear the audio for the vid.


  1. Try going to divx.com and downloading the divx codec


  2. Lol. I remember this episode and I am heartbroken that this was the last season of The Boondocks (maybe Aaron McGruder will have more time to woo me. Anyway, this wasn’t my favorite episode from the 3rd season, but it was (like everything McGruder does) good and insightful. i mean..who hasn’t done exactly what Granddad did – completely sabatoge a prefectly good relationship?


  3. Exactly. The thing that made this stick out to me though was how close to home it hits simply because this is what a lot of guys need to do. There are too many guys out there trying to be somebody their not.


  4. Keep up the great journalism, Wil. (Thumbs up) — and yes, I have checked out “Boondocs” lol


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