Going thru my head right now…

Hello everyone,  how goes it?

Today’s post will go all over the place because as of late my mind has been all over the place, hopefully this will allow me to bring some closure to these thoughts and allow me to move forward with a few of my writing projects that been delayed because of these projects…


What’s this about? Why, loyalty amongst friends….you see it’s come to my attention that though I have an exceptionally small and talented circle of friends there aren’t a whole lot of them that I actually have a lot of faith in on certain issues. Before I go any further I will say that I am VERY thankful for my friends that have not betrayed me in any fashion and showed me an exceptional amount of loyalty fact of the matter is there are only a small number of you…

Why is it that some guys feel like they have to put down their friends in order to make them look good in front of girls? I ask this because I’ve found it happening to me several times at the hands of one of my friends in an effort to ‘protect’ his female friends from me in the past. Which, is the only type of justification I could potentially give him for doing such things but…I really don’t understand especially considering if I had a serious interest during this situation I probably would have done a little more to act on it. Now, these events didn’t occur recently, they actually occurred about two years ago now the reason I’m thinking of them is simply because it came to light recently that one of my ‘friends’ had engaged in carnal relations with someone I used to go out with. This is something I find amusing, though I suppose I’d feel a bit different if the woman in question was someone I deeply cherished and sought out a deep long term relationship with however…finding out this information was a bit bothersome..and after doing some research I found out this same ‘friend’ had been attempting to make moves on other girls I’ve dated after we’d fallen out. Now..outside of these acts dude has been seemingly loyal as all get out.,..but this type of thing can really throw a monkey wrench in a friendship yanno? Make things tense and uncomfortable. And..though I’m no stranger to having done a lot of terrible things in the past no matter what I’ve NEVER done anything to undermine or bring down my friends. It really doesn’t bother me very much really but I do know that any future gfs or girls I may date…won’t be coming around this fellow. As far as the other friend go, I’d go into EXTREME depth about that situation but..simply put that’s just the type of man he’s always been. I think that due to how long we’ve known each other and the amount of things we’ve been thru though that doesn’t really faze me for real. At the end of the day though I feel like if that’s how he wants to handle things so be it..my attitude is any real woman worthy of anything won’t let her opinion of a person be shaped by anybody else but her own experiences…but..eh. Anywho, I’d like some thoughts from you folks on this really looking forward to some positive feedback on this and wanted to get this out for a while.

Story Updates: Dark Heart High Chapter 4 is ready..I’ll probably post it after I hear a few more thoughts on Chapter 3. Initial thoughts on Chapter 4? I feel like I’m going to have to rewrite it, the whole thing feels really rushed to me and I just want to get it out at this point. It’s more of a transitional chapter really…

Music: how’re you guys enjoying the music I uploaded? I hope I shared somethings you guys will carry around in your I-pod/mp3 player for a while and jam to for a bit. Speaking of catchy tunes..I’ve adopted The Heavy’s Short Change Hero as my newest theme song. It gives me the same feelings as The Gorillaz’s Clint Eastwood..heh heh. Anywho, COMMENTS! Please! Oh…and one more thing, i’m ‘sposed to be on this radio show thingy hosted by G.D. Grace Later today..I’ll post up a link around noon for those interested in hearing from me as well as two other extremely talented writer folks like Nike from Nike Writes! And Katrina of Steamy Trails.

  1. Wow WiL! This is some deep stuff!


    • It really is, I just think it’s a trip how amazingly crummy a lot of folks in the world are nowadays. Thanks for the feedback Kat 🙂


  2. Loyalty? What can I say about it? Is it even real?

    I have never had a friend of mine try to hook up with my ex after a break up. I don’t know how to think about something like that… really. You are right about that type of woman tho’, a woman who truly cares for you wouldn’t even sneeze in the direction of your clearly, FILTHY (fake) “friend”, or any of your friends for that matter.

    I was talking to my cousin a long while ago and I said, “Man, I just wish guys would just have a list tattooed on them of all the bad things they have going on. so that way I can look at their list and make a firm decision about them, that I wont regret.” I guess friends are the same way. If we knew our friends short comings in advance we could make better decisions. Eh, in a perfect world…


    • Always appreciate your insight Tiff. 🙂 I don’t think these ‘friends’ had bad intentions from the jump, but rather this is just the way they’ve always conducted things in the past. But, as I told you this is the story of my life the few TRUE friends i have I cherish beyond belief.


    • nikewrites
    • March 24th, 2011

    The fact of the matter is, you can count your true, die hard friends on one hand. You know who they are. If you are stuck on the road with a flat tire at 2am, two states away, these are the people who will wake up out of a good sleep and drive the distance to help you out. The person you described is not a real friend. He’s insecure. He recognizes your greatness and is trying to grab some of your essence…even if it means picking up your left-overs. Count it as a compliment then (if he’s still in your circle), cut him loose.


    • Thanks for the support Nike! Once upon a time I used to spend a great deal of time around both of these folks, however as I got more and more focused on the things that are helping me become a better person it seems things continue to become more apparent to indicate these folks didn’t need to be in my life.


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