New poem

New/Old poem by me. Took a little bit of a piece I’ve written in the past…and put this together, please give me thoughts, feedback, yada yada.

I stood in a corner
I stood aside
I watched you silently
I watched you all night

You are so beautiful
You are so perfect
Beauty so flawless
Beauty beyond compare

Youthful innocence, gleaming in your eyes
Youthful innocence, lost in many lives
A Smile so inviting from a maiden so fair
A Smile so attractive, it leaves me ensnared

A laugh so calming
A laugh of a young child
It brought back memories
It brought back thoughts of wild

A flower so radiant
A flower in full bloom
Many covet you
Many want to be your groom

The Stories of Ancients remain untold, but
The Story of this Love may unfold
Time is all that binds our lives, but
Time is what proves truths from lies

Mouths may claim
Mouths may say
But Their Truth is unknown
But Their words remain untested

I?ll tell you my heart
I?ll tell you my soul
I?ll speak words I truly mean
I?ll speak words from the depths of my soul

You are what means the most to me
You are the reason I survive
I want you to stay with me
I want you to stay by my side

I knew, however
I knew too much
The effects of my Human Nature
The effects of my selfishness

What benefit would it be
To the world around me
That I would smother the beauty of this flower
Something that others admire?

So I decided this very day
To do something I would look back and say
It was a bold move of me
To let this child roam free

In a single selfless act
Which will, past my demise remain a fact
Subjected my heart to eternal pain
Out of love, as I had nothing to gain

I let this flower, innocent and young
Live her life singing her tune to be sung
That happy and smiling she always would be
Even while I slowly disappear from her memory

  1. this is interesting. Kinda sad….. Leaving his flower for the world…. Incredibly selfless and touching.


    • nikewrites
    • March 28th, 2011

    You trying to make me cry Wil…you can’t break me! ((sniff) You can’t!

    Seriously, this is a beautifully, moving peace. It reads almost like vows until the 10th stanza when you started to speak of letting go…again, very beautiful.


  2. Thanks for the feedback you guys. 🙂 i think i’m going to post this on steamy soon.


  3. Dude, this is a very gentle side of you. I can dig it. Beautiful poem.


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