Early Saturday morning thoughts

Good morning folks! How are you? For those who haven’t noticed, I setup a paypal button in the bottom left corner for any possible donations youse folks might want to make during these hard times. You see, I’m going through a financial hardship and may have to disappear for a while but hopefully this isn’t the case…but..we’ll see. It’s nothing I can’t handle as I ALWAYS come out on top but I wouldn’t mind a donation. 🙂

What’ve you guys got planned for this weekend? My playlist looks like:

DHH 9 – 12 Edits/Writes

MGH Edits,

and transcribing a few pieces from my personal notebook I wrote earlier this week.
For the short term, I’ll leave you folks with this, Please leave, thoughts, comments, all that jibber jabber. 🙂 Oh, and this is an old piece.

Short Change Hero

you’ve made my day
a dozen times with
a simple comment

you haunt my mind
my every thought
you are everywhere

you control my dreams
my every waking moment
i can’t think without you

am i insane, what is this?
will this madness end?
it’s like an obsession

the most random object
the most simple of words
they draw you into my mind

every little thing is a trigger
memories are thrown at me
unwanted or not, they’re there

i don’t think i can take it
i need you here now
this is completely insane

just talking to you
the mention of your name
forces a smile upon my face

are we playing around?
are you serious about any of this?
i want to know if this is some kind of joke

it’s all so confusing
one minute to the next
i never know what’s coming

it adds excitement, sure
but one can only take so much
human emotions can die

overwhelming is a good word
i hate all these guessing games
do you think it’ll ever work?

i’m lost in a dizzing whirlwind
a hurricane of questions, thoughts
too shy to even utter a word

long interesting conversations
all of simple nothingness
switching topics like laundry

i don’t even want to think
about what life is like
without you; a simple hero

  1. This is an old poem???? Wow. I like it.

    Hardships are just a test, you will Ace it!



    • nikewrites
    • April 2nd, 2011

    I like….you should record this, seriously…


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