Dream #1

Hello out there tweeps, it’s been a while since I posted so I thought I’d post up one of my recent story ideas. Hope youse all enjoy, and please give me some thoughts, feedback, n all that jazz.

As the heat of the afternoon gradually gives way to a refreshing evening breeze, you lounge comfortably in the shade, a glass of ice water close at hand. It’s been a long time since you visited the house where you grew up, yet to your surprise nothing seems to have changed. Not that you’re complaining; the peaceful summer day brings back feelings of nostalgia, and you smile in remembrance of the good times you had as a child.

But… something seems wrong. Some unseen presence is calling you, beckoning to you from the old creek behind the house. You stand up and exit the porch, walking almost trance-like toward the compelling force.

The creek is just as you remember it – merely a few inches deep, gurgling peacefully along with only a few insects and tiny fish to liven things up. You would barely get your ankles wet in the stream, yet you’re still being urged onward. You step forward, the water lapping at your shoe…

Suddenly you realize there is no surface beneath your foot. Before you can regain your balance, you have fallen into the stream, and to your horror you find that you are slowly being drawn downward, as if standing in quicksand. Desperately trying to escape, you grab hold of a nearby tree root, and almost manage to pull yourself free… but something seems to tug at your legs and in one quick motion you are drawn downward into icy, suffocating darkness…

You awaken with a start, drenched with sweat as if rising from a horrible nightmare. Yes… the house and the creek had to have been a dream. That’s the only answer. But… it had seemed so real…How long were you asleep? You have no way of knowing – your wristwatch is gone, and the alarm clock by your bed has been replaced with a leafy shrub.

Leafy shrub?

As you sit up, feeling rather dizzy and tired, you notice two things. First, you have awoken not in your bedroom, but in the middle of what seems to be a desolate field, devoid of all but the faintest traces of color. A brisk wind rustles the grasses around you, yet for some reason you don’t feel at all cold. The second thing you notice is the woman kneeling next to you. A frail, pale-skinned creature with hair that is a delicate grey, she watches you with soulful lavender eyes, her expression an odd mixture of relief and remorse. She wears a sky-blue kimono, elegantly embroidered with a pattern of swans.

As you open your mouth to ask her a question, she quickly gets to her feet, almost fearful in manner. Before you can do the same, the young woman is gone, slipping quickly down a nearby path.

Just what is going on here?

*** MORE ***

Dismal Field

You find yourself in the middle of a cold, tree-lined field. The grasses here are clearly wild, rising almost to your waist in some spots, and ripple in a chill breeze. The scenery is illuminated by the moon above, its pale light draining all the color from the landscape. There is no evidence that you or the mysterious woman were ever here – the grasses had quickly bent back into shape, as if rejecting your presence. A faint path leads off to the southeast.


You are… are… oddly enough, you don’t seem to be able to answer that question. You aren’t even sure that it is the right question.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


Lead Programmer: Wil D. Palazzo

Version 1.1 – Arrival

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