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ANNOUNCEMENT: So, from now on at the top of each of my posts will be a donation link for anyone who wants to donate to the Palazzo writing foundation. 🙂

Moving forward, here’s a piece I wrote earlier today for Steamy’s Friday Challenge. please read and give me feedback folks and if you’re feeling generous..a donation LOL! Thanks for your support all!

Look at you, with your sense of justice and unbalanced emotions. You’re never satisfied are you? No matter what happens or how hard you work nothing you ever do will leave you content with the results of your effort. No one cares how much you write, no one cares what you write about, all that matters is that you do it and give yourself some excuse for your continued existence. You thought you’d be good enough for your father, but what you fail to realize is that you will never amount to anything worthy of his appreciation. So, you tried your hand at basketball once upon a time ago and what did he do then? Did your father try to help you learn more about the game? Did he help you develop your trademark hustle and hardnosed defense? What about your extensive knowledge of computers? I didn’t see anyone going out of their way to show you how to repair that desktop computer. Your mom and dad weren’t going to buy you another and your sisters damn sure couldn’t afford it. To make my point to you Wil, the only way you’ll ever accomplish anything in this world. The only way you’ll be content with your life is when you stop having any sort of faith in these people you care about and rely only on yourself. Once you do that, just maybe, maybe you won’t have to sit up at night writing away your soul. Maybe you won’t have to make a goofy grin, or smilie each time people who care about you ask ‘how you’re doing’. Perhaps you will move away from ‘making it’ to ‘dominating’ your life. That’s the way you’re supposed to live, not as some shell who’s only purpose is to take up space and opportunities that several more needy people would die to have. Wake up Wil, otherwise Mama might end up being disappointed in what you’ve become for real.

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