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y0. So, I figured it was about time I bloggerized my thoughts on the NBA playoffs thus far. Now, I won’t go back and recap what has gone down but I will give my thoughts on the remaining three soon to be two team left in the playoffs.

To start off:

OKC: Great job! Loved the tenacity and toughness they showed to get this deep in the playoffs this year, those guys just happened to run into the buzz saw that was the Dallas Mavericks this year. Hopefully, Russell Westbrook grows up during the offseason and you guys are right back here playing against Dallas or L.A. next year. Oh, and for the record that’s not saying anything bad about Russell Westbrook he’s just in the same category that this season’s MVP is in they need to learn how to make better decisions in the clutch.

Miami: What can I say that hasn’t already been said about these guys? They’ve got the two best closers in the game and a mid-tier NBA star on their team to take them over the top. Am I sold on them being a championship team? No, even if they win it all this year I don’t think this squad could’ve beaten the Lakers HAD THEY SHOWN UP for the playoffs this year. Are they the best team in the East? Quite possibly, between them Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta they’ve consistently been the best in the playoffs this year despite some hiccups in the first round. Lebron James is the most gifted basketball player on the planet, he doesn’t choose to take advantage of this each time he plays but the fact of the matter is he is. D. Wade can be the most dominating player on the floor..when he’s making his shots. He and Derrick Rose are very similar as a result, the only issue I’ve had with him during the playoffs this year is that he’s seemed to disappear in big games this year..I don’t know if it’s due to the defender or some undisclosed injury. Now, for the important stuph: Will they close out Chicago tonight? The Bulls fan in me hopes not, but my common sense disagrees. The Miami Heat have won out in three very tight, very emotional games back to back after being curbstomped in game 1. Tonight’s game 5 will be more about whether Chicago shows up to play more than whether or not Miami closes them out. At the end of the day the writing is on the wall for this series and the only way I’d begin to believe Miami loses the series at this point is if they choke it away.

Chicago: I’m really conflicted with this team. During the regular season they fought through a heck of advertisty and injuries galore to ride all the way to the best record in the league. Once the playoffs arrive they struggle against an inferior team in the 1st round and then make the Atlanta Hawks look like Superstars in round 2  before finally biting down and closing them out. This team is really young and they have the MVP which is obvious but it wasn’t until they lost the past two games that it became glaringly apparent to me just how young our MVP is. During the regular season D. Rose made countless great decisions and led his team to 62 wins, however since entering this series against Miami the MVP has looked star struck. He’s made such bad decisions and played so inconsistent it really makes me wonder about his masculinity and pride within himself. In Game 4 he had a chance to push himself to legendary status by driving by Lebron James and dishing to an open teammate for what would be an open jump shot..instead he does the same thing Lebron himself has done for the last few years in his career…force a tough jumper and blow it. Smh, when you’re playing against the NBA’s two best closers, and they leave you in the game THIS long you can’t make those kind of mistakes…I’ll end my rant there. Chicago’s season will end tonight, or Saturday night depending on their effort…if they were to somehow pull out wins on both of these nights and prove me wrong shock wouldn’t begin to describe how I feel.

Dallas: Wow, I really don’t know what else to say other than this seems to be the NBA team playing the very best basketball right now. They’ve been through virtually all types of adverse situation and yet continue to find a way to play on. It’s extremely ironic to me simply because when Rick Carlisle coached the Pistons prior to Larry Brown way back when he was criticized for not being able to keep his players motivated after a bad loss and yet..what he seems to be doing in Dallas seems to contradict that. And don’t get me started on that filthy human being DIrk Nowitzki. If this man’s not on the cover of a video game next year then the world is doing him a colossal wrong. Nobody else is having a more dominant NBA playoffs than Dirk and I really don’t think it will stop. The Dallas-Miami series may be the first NBA finals I’ve watched since the San Antonio- Cleveland series prior to the Lakers second run..why? I want to see if Dirk Nowitzki is human. Lebron James limits himself, and D. Wade can be taken out of his game if you’re physical with him(See the Keith Bogan defensive guide) but I really don’t know what you can do to stop Dirk when he gets hot.

In Conclusion…

If it ends up being Dallas-Miami in the NBA finals..and in all likelihood it will be..then as of right now I’ll be one of the few to pick Dallas in 6. The Three home games in Dallas will be key during the finals. Two-Three-Two does not favor Miami imo..but with the closers they have anything is possible, the only question is whether or not Lebron James or D. Wade decide to dominate the ball during the fourth quarter. I look forward to finding out.


    • Thomas G.
    • May 27th, 2011

    I honestly think it’s Miami in 6 or 7. I don’t think Dirk’s potency surpasses Lebron and Wade and Bosh together. The Heat have come alive and I’m pretty sure they’ll stay on at least 90% throughout.
    If Mike Miller and Haslem actually perform, there’s no stopping Miami.
    Dirk WON’T be stopped, but the rest of his team won’t bring quite enough support to shut them down.

    I’ll be taking my talents to South Beach come July.


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