01/08/12 5:05 PM CST

Sup folks?


So, today’s activities are:


Fighting Tebows Vs Steelers game.

Finish up these two assignments for my last week in this IT Class: Communication Strategies for the IT Professional

And, start finalizing my plans for the upcoming week to try to secure my life.

Thoughts over the last week? I’ve got several,

In the span of 7 days I’ve gone from joyous bliss to numb once more.

Learned several new words this week and found out a lot about better ways I can communicate with people

I didn’t have one argument in my dad, and I haven’t had any arguments with him since before Xmas.


Just a few thoughts, both positive and negative. The bliss to darkness thing is new for me as I didn’t really got a lot of bliss but, I’ve adjusted a little I think…I THINK.
Random Thoughts:

It’s really painful to see someone reenact something you’ve done in the past and realize how much you’ve hurt someone because you’ve done something similar in the past. Extremely painful, I’ve had this sensation several times over the last two months and it’s crazy b/c this is the same thing I went through when I was younger that effectively weeened me from dating or even desiring any companionship whatsoever. I consider myself a lone wolf in my nature and a lot of things I do in life despite the fact that I have a few really good supporters I’ve been made aware of recently in my life but, yet for some reason I can’t ever seem to eliminate this internal desire for companionship..it’s..frustrating. Bleh, that’s enough for now, I’ll be back for another update later tonight after I finish HW, later folks.

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