1/08/12 Lost Days Lamenting Lost Mind

Life is an interesting thing.

Human beings can be manipulated and shaped by so many things, but the most powerful thing that can mold a person is their love for another.

You see, all my life I’ve traveled down this dark line.

I’ve had several experiences with painful, terrible and deliberate things, and I’ve also had some experience with some truly wondrous things that have done a remarkable job shaping my personality. The funny thing is, as a result of the lack of ‘some’ experiences and education about how to handle those things from the people who’re supposedly ‘responsible’ for this I’ve had to play Russian Roulette with my own heart throughout this journey of life.

So, for anyone who happens to reads this(not many I’m sure), how many of you have purposefully handing someone a pistol and allowed them to hold your heart at gunpoint? And how many of you have taken several shots in the heart only, to continue to march forward in life only to go through the process several times over?

I’m not asking this from the perspective of a saint, oh no, I’ve mad far too many mistakes to hurt the people I cherish to feel like i don’t deserve this on some universally karma inspired level. But, I’m asking from the perspective of those who do still have some sliver of innocence.

Thanks for reading.

    • nikewrites
    • January 8th, 2012

    You give us a lot to think about and to repent. We have all been deliverer and victim of such pain at one point or another I think. The key is recognize the weapon and step away from it before the trigger is pulled.


  1. I agree, but in my own case my heart feels like due to the pain I caused in the past if I don’t remain in front of that gun then there’s no chance of things ever changing. It’s like, i’ve convinced myself that this is the best way to show my resolve.


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