Allo Guv’Na!

Good evening Ladies and Gents! How are you all?

Sorry I’ve been pretty obscure in my appearances lately but i’ve been working on a big new blog for you all and hopefully I’ll get some feedback from you fellows. :).
In the mean time, here are my thoughts on this Saturday evening.

– Resident Evil 5 has become fun for me again, I accomplished quite a bit in my first play through but after my video game system and things were stolen I lost a lot of passion knowing i’d have to start all over.  Speaking of which, I don’t think I’ve been able to sleep quite right or very hard since my home was broken into and robbed, ignorant little punks….

– The IT class I’m currently taking is a lot harder than the last one. I’m quite amused by the challenge it’s giving me as I have to actually put in a lot of thought before responding and posting my thoughts on things now. Tis very fun and has become an exciting experience.

-Haven’t been very open about it on here, but I think my character is continuing to get tested by the amount of emotional, financial, and physical challenges that continue to  be thrust upon me on a monthly basis. As a child I was used to going ‘without’ as a result of my father not working and my mom having to bear the burden of being the workhorse for the Heh, it’s on me and the old man and as a result I have to do a lot of extra to pull in any income due to consistent employment not being a very viable option in my town unless I want to take on one of the ‘career’ long jobs available. Unfortunately I’m not interested in working long term in any sort of factory or production facility at this time as that would severely effect my ability to pursue my education.

-Upcoming blog topics? Let’s see, older people(men and women)’s pursuit of meaningful relationships with younger men/women. Young African American men’s lack of belief in the ‘American Dream’, and finally the lack of motivation in the current as well as upcoming generation of people and finding out WHY there isn’t much.

-Eh, I think that about wraps it all up for now. Please leave some comments and crap folks as I don’t like to feel as if I’m spouting off on a podium and no one’s listening. And if you have any suggestions or questions just hit me up!

Here’s a little something I decided to leave you all with upon my exit, enjoy. From a tale I’m currently in the act of rewriting.




He was in a rainstorm, and saw a cave. Rushing in, he was surprised to see a bonfire was burning there.

He sat down, and warmed himself. That was when he heard the greeting. “Hello.”

He looked up. A woman sat there, in a green silk dress, with pale skin and long, black hair who had certainly not been there a moment before. She was poking the fire idly with a stick. “Hello,” he replied nervously.

She glanced back up at him, the fire shining in her eyes. Jameson shifted uneasily. There was something—off, about the woman. “So, where are you going?” she asked, calmly.

“I don’t know,” he replied.

The woman chuckled. A flame shot up, and briefly covered her hand, before burning out. Her hand was not even singed. “An admission of ignorance! That’s a rare thing! For that my gift is wisdom!” The woman leaned forward, her expression amused, and arrogant, and predatory, all at once. “Ask three questions. You’ll receive three true answers.”

Jameson’s first question sprang to his lips unbidden. “Will Ashley ever love me?”

The answer came like a gunshot. “No.”

Jameson gulped. The cave seemed unbearably hot. “Will—will I ever find what I’m looking for?”

The woman laughed at that one. “No.”

Jameson shook his head. He had to use his last question wisely. “Will the Ancient One help me?”

The woman thought a moment for that one before replying, in a hoarse whisper. “No.”

Jameson stood up angry. “You promised me three true answers, but only gave me the same one over again.”

The woman stood up gracefully, and chuckled. “Is it my fault you asked the wrong questions?” She placed her hands on her hips, and gave Jameson a look of condescending pity. “However, since I did promise you wisdom, know this—beggars can’t be choosers, and cold iron is most useful against spirits.”

Jameson wiped his forehead. It was getting very hot. “That’s—that’s nonsense…”

“Of course it is!” the woman gloated. “Nonsense is the only sense there is and negation the only wisdom!” Flames burnt high behind her. Jameson realized with a start that the fire had surrounded him on all sides, blazing out of control.

“Oh, crap,” he muttered, before the flames burned through his clothing, and then his flesh, while the woman strode forward, gazing at him hungrily and laughing the entire time.

Jameson woke in a cold sweat, grateful that he didn’t have to change his sleeping bag. It took him several hours to get back to sleep and when he did, his sleep was deep, and dreamless.


  1. Just wanted to leave my mark to show that I was here! Love the update and creativity!!!


  2. nice read wil


  3. and she is MY Kit Kat….lol


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