NBA Thoughts and Predictions

Hello all, fresh off of NBA All-Star weekend, I’m here to address you all and give my thoughts and opinions on what will be the REAL NBA season now..originally I thought about making this long and detailed, but instead I think I’ve decided to keep it as simple as breaking down the top eight teams in the NBA and their chances of winning a title this year. Please keep in mind I’m no expert, but I”m drawing these conclusions and pointing out this information not based on anyone else’s information or statistics but rather basing it on my own knowledge of the game as well as the teams I have actually watched play this year, let us begin!

Note: The numbers have no bearing on what order I think these teams will finish in.

8. San Antonio Spurs

Coached by probably the best active head coach in the NBA, The San Antonio Spurs are one of the must underrated and dangerous teams to play in the NBA right now. Though they are old, due to Coach Popovich’s strategy of continuing to develop his young stable of players he’s able to rest perennial clutch players Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. Not only that, but he gives Manu Ginobili time to recover from his injuries and builds depth on this roster with young and fundamentally sound ball players like Dajuan Blair, T.J. Ford,  and Matt Bonner these guys should finish the season strong..however…..come play off time depending on who they get matched up with they may or may not get bounced early. If they face a team like the Clippers or the Trailblazers they may be in great shape, but if they face off against a hungry team like Memphis, OKC, or the likes then they won’t be in very good shape. They have maybe 2 or 3 years left with Tim Duncan, so let’s see how it plays out this year.

7. Portland Trailblazers/ Memphis Grizzlies

Portland and Memphis are two very solid as well as very talented teams with great forward and guard play between them. Between Zach Randolph and Gerald Wallace one of these teams may sneak into the conference finals again this year if they’re able to not only make the playoffs, but stay injury free. I put these teams together because I feel like between one of these teams there will be a team that suffers a tragic injury to hold them back I’m just not sure which team it is. I look for both of these teams to attempt to finish strong however they may not be able to get very far depending on who ends up in the 7 or 8 seed in the west. Whoever ends up in the 8th seed will end up facing a hungry OKC team that’s eager to get to the playoffs and prove their READY this year. If that’s the case I think Memphis will drop out early due to their inability to match up with Kevin Durant, but if Portland faces them then things could be interesting due to Gerald Wallace’s defensive abilities possibly limiting the Durantula…nevertheless I believe Portland finishes 7 and Memphis finishes 8.

6. L.A. Clippers

Boy, if there were a team ever in trouble come play off time it’s Lob city. The L.A. Clippers may end up finishing the season strong, but when the playoffs arrive and their roster of young guards end reaching their first major playoff series I really wonder if they’ll be able to hold up. Losing Chauncey Billups will hurt them big time, and as good as Mo Williams and Eric Bledsoe they won’t be able to match his experience and clutch gene. Kenyon Martin and Blake Griffin are solid ball players no doubt, but in the west with forwards like Durant, Dirk, G. Wallace, Z. Randolph, Gasol and the like they are going to have a bit of trouble matching up against the front courts. Chris Paul is still in the argument as one of the best PG’s in the NBA but I think this team would be better suited to make a run in the East than the West.  If they make it past the 2nd round I’ll be shocked.

5. Miami Heat

Ah, the most talented trio in the NBA. As of this writing they appear to be playing the very best basketball in the NBA right now despite a few nagging injuries that haven’t really affected their season.  Lebron James is playing the best season of his career….again, but no matter what happens in the season with this team it’s hard to make a guess as to exactly how far they can push themselves. It’ll be interesting to see if they can retain this focus simply because when they are focused it is pretty nigh impossible to defeat them in a seven game series. I think their future depends on not only the health of D. Wade(as always), but on how well Chris Bosh continues to play as he picks up the scraps left behind by Wade and Lebron. Quietly, he has been the clean up man that has made this team very difficult to beat and has been VERY undervalued by the media. Fact of the matter is if he didn’t do what he did in their big games against teams with size then Miami would be in some serious trouble. As of today, I think barring any sort of injury their only major hiccup will depend on if they get homecourt in the playoffs and I’m pretty sure that team in Chicago will be locking in to close the season just as strongly as they are…

4. L.A. Lakers

As long as this team has a rested and healthy Kobe Bryant, this team will always be in the discussion for an NBA title run. As of right now though, I think unless they find a point guard they are going to be crapping their pants if they face off against a San Antonio, or the Clippers early. No way they’ll play OKC early, but if they do I look for Kobe to come in pissed and trying to make one last hurrah. Ideally, due to their size and length of their forwards the Lakers have the potential to push deep into the playoffs, however all the procedures involving Andrew Bynum’s knees make me think he’s more of a liability than they let on. At this point in time it wouldn’t surprise me if they pushed all the way to the finals, however I think they fall short early due to the lack of mental strength among the players on this team. Derek Fisher can’t save this Lakers team.

3. Chicago Bulls

Ah, this is the hardest team for me to post on. Yes, I’m an admitted Bulls fan, but when I look at their team without Bias I find it very difficult to see us pushing to the finals unless we can find another dynamic scorer to pair with Derek Rose. I love the coaching style of Coach Thibodeau and the old school feel this team plays with however, their biggest weakest remains the same as it was last year. This Bulls team still has the same potential to push deep into the playoffs and win a championship but it’s going to be extremely difficult. No matter how deep and talented this team is as a whole, Derek Rose desperately needs someone to step up and I’m hoping that John Paxson ignores what Rose said about not moving anyone and tries to make a deal for a scoring threat. I’ll go deeper into this on another blog post as, I’d get carried away if I thought too deeply on this team..

2. Dallas Mavericks

The champs. Probably the most unpredictable team in the NBA come playoff time and I think it’s hilarious! So, you win the NBA title after defeating probably the most talented team in the NBA and what do you do…you let the core players who got you there(T. chandler and Barea) wander off in free agency and bring in some washed up superstars who never won a championship?…right. But seriously, I think it’ll be really interesting to see what Dirk and Jason Terry put together this season.  If they make the playoffs and they get Dirk playing at MVP level again I look for them to make a run at repeating if not..then it’ll be a surprise to me if they push past OKC. At this point though, it won’t surprise me if they meet OKC in the Conference Finals and try to mug them again, though I think they’ll DESPERATELY miss Tyson Chandler and barea’s contributions.


1. OKC Thunder

Ahh, right now this is the trending team in the NBA and why not? Kevin Durant is the current MVP of the first half of the NBA season, and despite Lebron James having yet another ‘epic’ season I’m afraid that the degree of difficulty is a bit higher in the Western Conference. These guys are setting themselves up to make a pretty strong run at the NBA Finals and I find it hard to make a legitimate argument as to why not however a few things stick out at me. First, I don’t think they have the killer instinct necessary to crush a team like a Dallas or a team on the same level of athleticism in a seven game series. I put all the faith in the world in Kevin Durant, however I worry a lot about whether or not Russell Westbrook will get carried away and play more SG than PG as the NBA season weighs on. I think they’re really going to miss Eric Maynor if they face one of the West Teams with a legit threat at PG or when they face one of the eastern teams with dominant PG play. Eric Maynor was the one TRUE PG they had and had he not torn his ACL I would probably be picking the Thunder to run away with the rest, however since they don’t have him I look at them as ‘the people’s’ pick to win the West.

And…that’s all for now. Look for me to come back and edit this post a bit later after I’ve had a bit more time to digest more information. Please leave your thoughts and feedback below! Hope you guys enjoyed!

    • Demetris
    • February 27th, 2012

    This is Timmy D’s last year…. The Spurs are dangerous and a threat to come out of the West.

    Concur with the roll up or Portland… I -LOVE- Raymond Felton… most underrated PG in the league.

    The Clippers are to the NBA as the Lions are to the NFL.

    I like Miami to win it all this year… especially with Bosh averaging 20ppg

    Lakers lose in the first round unless they find a PG who can play defense. Fisher is probably the 32nd best starting PG in the league now.

    Sadly for the Bulls… they don’t do anything better than the Heat but play PG, which in that case, the Bulls do that better than anyone. They will still get hammered in the CONF Finals by Miami.

    Dallas is done unless Mark Cuban fanagles Howard away from Orlando.

    OKC…doesn’t want to see Portland or Memphis… Other than that, they should have a clear coast to the NBA finals. I don’t think they can beat Miami though.

    Good run down… however, I don’t like your Rationale for Durrant being the MVP. It’s still going to be a toss up between LBJ and Durrant… but right now, let’s not forget that Durrant has the 5th leader scorer on his team with Westbrook. In my eyes, they are tied… but truthfully… LBJ has reached the status Shaq reached back when he was with the Lakers: He’s the MVP every year.


    • I hear you D. But the only reason I’m underselling Lebron is simply because he plays on a team WITH Bosh and Wade. As far as Miami killing Chicago, I will have to simply see that to believe it at this point simply because I think the Bulls actually learned something from their defeat last year. Matter of fact, I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t go to 6 or 7 games of highly competitive basketball.


    • Korey
    • February 28th, 2012

    I’ma Spurs fan, but u can be a bball fan & see that the Spurs is a huge threat in the West. TP playin lights out & idk HOW many teams they’ve beat who u have b4 them at 8. Including an slaughter of the Thunder. Wow. I agree with D. MIA is a better team than last year. Bron is ballin.. I don’t see CHI beating them in a 7-gm series. The Lakers will make the Playoffs, but will be bounced in the 1st or 2nd, probably the 1st. Idk Y they’re high on ur list, but it’s ur list. The Mavs at the 2 spot, I highly disagree.. From the list, it looks like u’re holkdin on to LAST year or something. I disagree with, at least, half of ur team rankings.. The top 4 tms RT NOW is: MIA, OKC, CHI, & MY eye.


    • Well..the numbers don’t mean anything as I said in my post..I just kind of listed the top 8 teams in no order LOL


    • Charmin
    • February 28th, 2012

    wow, this is scarily accurate, imo. you could have easily taken the “miami” route but you carefully worded everything and saw past the usual showboating of lebron james.

    great read!


    • Tasha
    • February 28th, 2012

    Although im partial to Miami and would like for them to win, I still think the Lakers and OKC are a threat… As much as I don’t want to admit the Lakers are even a challenge! Lol

    I love this blog so keep it coming!!!!


    • Charmin
    • February 28th, 2012

    oh, i am definitely a fan of the lakeshow, 14-year vet. so I am kind of conditioned to be able to see past “hypes” i.e. allen iverson, and now, lebron james.

    bron won’t get anything until he humbles himself. happened to kobe–but his “i’m-the-best-because-i’m-drafted-out-of-high-school-and-i-hang-wuth-rappers” phase didn’t last ten years and counting…


  1. Oh Wow, what’d I miss here? haha. And I’m pretty surprised I didn’t hear anybody point out my omission of the Knickerbockers.


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