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So, my next major blog topic will be introduced FRIDAY/Thursday Night I’ve decided. The topic at hand will be the ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ how I decide to apply that? Well, you’ll just have to see, for now I wanted to share a piece with you guys I created last year and get some opinions. I’ve been thinking about reviving it and continuing the story but, I don’t really do well without audience feedback. Check out the snippet after the below and give me your thoughts in the comments folks!


 The early morning stillness was broken only by the sound of something rising on the hill. The object flung dust into the air behind it as it moved, agitating the atmosphere as it went on its straight-lined course. It was fast. It was unstoppable. It was a powerful white projectile. It was Khyra Allen. Khyra muttered under her breath as she ran. She had left home at six, hoping to get to school early for a change and then she had to go and ruin it. It was almost seven. And she still wasn’t in her designated classroom.

“ImlateImlateImlateImlate,” Khyra monotoned, a black school bag held in one hand, lithe feet blurring at their maximum speed. “I’m LATE!”

Khyra pursed her lip in a sad pout as wind rushed through her face and played with her short locks. It was all the flowers’ fault. They never should have looked so pretty and made her stare at them for minutes on end. At the last word, Khyra got a newfound determination to start the day- and the entire school year, for that matter- right. She increased speed, and pretty soon, her destination was visible just above the horizon. The school’s clock tower, tall, dark and ominous, loomed over the running girl just beyond the gate.

The clock said it was a minute before seven.

“I can make it,” Khyra said to herself, “if I give it just… one… more… *push*…”

With a final surge of energy, Khyra launched herself into the building’s halls, through the corridor and entered her classroom (which, thankfully, had a sign that said, “10A” only a blind shoe would miss) just as the school bell rang, signaling the start of the first day of classes. The hallway didn’t escape unmarked- her passage had scarred it with more than a few broken tiles marking her wake. Khyra took a desk on the front row. Luckily for her, it was actually unoccupied. She panted on her seat, head on the armrest, eyes closed, and deeply relieved to have made it just in time. No doubt, her new classmates were giving her a fine collection of strange looks by now. So much for making a good impression on the first day.

Khyra sat up straight.

“I-I’m Sorry!” she announced, eyes closed. “I’m so sorry I had to run in here like that! It’s just that there was uhh… an accident on the road. It slowed me down so I had to hurry because I didn’t want to be-“

She opened her eyes. It was only then that she noticed a strange thing- the room was empty.


Empty, except for the narrow-eyed woman to the front of the room who regarded Khyra very unpleasantly. Khyra attempted a smile.

“You’re *on time*,” the woman observed, voice cold. “Hardly the impression I’d expect a student to make on the first day. I’ll be keeping my eye on you, miss.”

“Khyra Allen,” Khyra provided helpfully.

“Quiet,” the woman, who was presumably the teacher, snapped at Khyra, making her jump. “I didn’t ask for your name. Now be silent until the others arrive.”

Khyra meekly obeyed, even if she didn’t know who the woman was. This was because she did know one thing, though. The new high school she was attending was apparently not just your regular, normal, everyday high school. 

    • Reka
    • March 15th, 2012

    I want more! More! I say! More! I love your work 🙂


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