Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Discussion

Walking Dead Poster

Sup everyone? A lot of things were accomplished tonight, and Season 2 came to a rather interesting end. so many things to do discuss…

Revelation of ‘Zombie’ cause

Reaction to Rick’s slaughter of Shane

The barn’s destruction and subsequent domination

Hershel’s family members and what not die


Lori’s reaction to Shane’s Death

This Bitch. Lol

What do all of you guys think?

My thoughts are as follows:

I think they did a pretty solid job conveying a variety of emotions and *GASP* they actually advanced the plot quite a bit. I honestly went into the episode thinking they’d spend the entire episode ‘escaping’ the barn and then ending with characters dying. I also was very pleased to find out that the theory I had about the ‘mad’ doctor(Jenner I think his name was) telling rick that they were all ‘infected’ came to pass! Of course SOME of you will say ‘Well, it says so in the comic’ funny thing about that is..I’ve never read the comic or done any substantial research on the show but anywho…this isn’t about my thoughts I want to hear what you guys think!

Oh..and I REALLY wonder what’s going to come of this lady in season 3?


    • Jae
    • March 31st, 2012

    I must be the person that thinks walking dead sucks. The main guy’s accent is terrible, I hope all the character dies and it looks really low budget…. If this Michionne chick isn’t awesome….I’m rooting for team zombie.


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