Update: 3/22/2012

So…The pursuit of happiness response vid I’m working on? It’s delayed because I really want to read over my response a few more times and make sure that I”m able to express how I feel in a clear and coherent fashion. So, look for that tomorrow evening sometime..in the mean time! Check out this snippet from a story I’ve been brainstorming on as of late and looking to expand into a full length feature!



“No, wait!” Susan yelled and tried her best to run after it. She got maybe five feet before tumbling over into yet another puddle. This one was in the harsh concrete instead of the forgiving mud, however. She pushed herself onto her knees and watched as the bus faded into the darkness. “No…” She felt a sob in her voice as the realization that the last bus had left her behind in the pouring rain hit her. It almost felt like the water was slowly draining away her energy now. “I will not cry! I will not cry!” she told herself harshly and forced herself to her feet.

She briefly considered the cellphone in her backpack. She could call her father. He would send a car right away, maybe be here in fifteen minutes at the most. Then she would be out of the rain… and back at her old house. And she would hear the lectures about how she should just give up on this whole nonsense, and how she was disappointing the family and all those slightly hurt expressions. No, she wouldn’t call her father. This was just yet another one of life’s little challenges and if she proved she could handle it, then maybe she would do okay on her own after all.

With renewed vigor she started to walk to her place. It was over an hour’s walk, and by the time she got home she would probably be drenched but that wasn’t about to get her down! Resolve alone could only last so long however. About a half-hour later, as her clothes plastered themselves to her almost childish frame and her hair hung on her head like a lead weight and her injured ankle throbbed numbly through the cold and the wet, she began to reconsider.

“Little girl…”

She started, her eyes snapping left and right across the deserted street. All the buildings around here were dark, their windows empty. She could have sworn she had heard a voice but, after a few moments figured her mind was probably playing tricks on her. She began walking again, this time whistling an old melody her mother had used to put her to sleep when she was but a child. Back before her mother had…no, best not think of that.

“Little girl, why are you sad?”

Okay, there was no doubting it this time. She had heard a voice and from nearby, too. Yet, nobody was out here. Granted, she couldn’t see more than fifteen feet in any direction, but that voice had sounded like it had come from just behind her. The first hints of panic began to bubble up out of her unconscious. She stayed still, her eyes wandering the area for a few minutes as the rain tried to mercilessly pound her down. Finally she moved on, but her eyes scanned back and forth.

“Little girl, don’t go away. I want to share something with you.”

She bolted, her mind unable to form any other options. She managed to move at a good clip for a while, but eventually her injury betrayed her again and she felt her legs go out from under her. Desperately she tried to roll with the fall, like they had taught her at Judo class. She managed to keep herself from taking any more damage but found herself rolled up against the fence at edge of a canal. The water below churned and roared as the weeping sky filled it almost to overflowing. She could feel the occasional slap as the water lapped over the side.

She sat like that for awhile, feeling like a cornered animal. Her breath came in short, shallow gasps and her heart raced at a mile a minute. Vision of perverts and psychos filled her head. Her eyes scanned back and forth, desperately searching for some clue as to where the voice might be. There! Out of the corner of her eye on the left. She turned but saw nothing more than the rain and darkness.

“Hello little girl.”

She turned with a frightened shriek and saw him. He crouched by her right side; his lean, almost skeletal frame silhouetted by the street lamp. He looked, for all the world like a salaryman in a cheap business suit. That is, if one didn’t look at his eyes. They seemed to shimmer with an internal light, and were slitted like a cats. Both were pale green and had a haunted, hungry look to them. She found herself backing away instinctively.

“Don’t be afraid…” he said in a voice like ominous shadows. His hand gently but firmly grasped her elbow and prevented her escape. Her throat was dry and she swore she wasn’t breathing. “I won’t hurt you little girl. I only want to share something with you…” he smiled like a skull, all teeth and no feeling. “I have a very special gift to give you. You will live forever…” His voice was droning, almost hypnotic and she got the impression that he was expecting her to become drowsy. She didn’t feel the least bit drowsy however, and how she was supposed to be calming down now of all times was beyond her. Still she faked it, not wanting to play her hand too soon. The realization that she was reacting differently than he expected gave her a kind of inner strength she knew she’d need.

“Yes,” he hissed as she lidded her eyes and nodded her head. “That’s it, go to sleep. Don’t be afraid, just be calm and when you wake up you’ll be a whole new woman.” He waited until she had closed her eyes entirely and then his fingers cupped her chin and raised her face up to his. He squeezed her cheeks, forcing her mouth open and leaned his own head down toward her. She forced herself not to panic even as she desperately tried to remember her self defense training.

Then she felt the man pause, and heard the most unusual noise. It was like someone trying to drink the last remaining drops out of a glass through a straw. She opened her eyes a crack and saw him with his mouth in the most ridiculous position she had ever seen. And he appeared to be desperately trying to suck in something… His eyes took on a confused look and Susan knew now was her chance.

With a fierce yell, she smashed her elbow into his throat. The man gasped and fell back, letting go of her arm. Adrenaline helping her ignore the pain, she took to her feet and fired off a swift kick to the man’s crotch before sprinting down the street. He keeled over in pain and she felt a smirk of triumph on her face as she began to put distance between them. Then she heard him dragging himself to his feet and with a roar coming after her. She refused to panic and moved as fast as she could. Then she remembered to scream for help.

“I COMMAND you! Stop!”

If he thought she was going to listen to him, then he was either insane or stupid. Probably both, she amended. Still it wouldn’t make much difference pretty soon, her voice had already groan hoarse from shouting and she was beginning to slow as the pain in her leg grew worse with each step. She could hear him catching up with her, his footsteps came in staccato bursts and when she dared a brief glimpse behind she saw him dashing along much faster than any human should have possibly been able to…

“Get down.”


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