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I know it’s been a little while since I hit you guys with a Sports post so I figured I’d share my thoughts on tonight’s NFL Draft and the upcoming NBA playoffs. First I’ll share my brief thoughts on tonight’s draft and how it relates to 5 players from my favorite college football team the Alabama Crimson Tide. I’ll put up my NBA playoffs thoughts as a separate post as, this NFL


I remember the first time I saw some of these highlights. I had only been following College football recruiting for maybe 3-4 years at this time but for the most part I didn’t ever take it very seriously. But from the moment I saw this guy’s highlights from a game in which he rushed for 400+ yards in a high school game my eyes nearly burst out of my head. Who wouldn’t want to hand this guy the ball and watch him run like he’s mad at the world? From everything I hear he’s going #3 or #4 overall to a team that trades up to #3 or to the Browns at #4. Personally, I hope the NY Jets trade up to get him as I am intrigued at the idea of seeing he and Tim Tebow together in the same backfield. Wherever he ends up, he’ll be an impact player in the NFL next year!

Mark Barron. Best safety in College Football the past two seasons, but chose to come back this past season to win another national championship. He was a member of one of the greatest high school recruiting classes of all time at Alabama 2008. Alongside the likes of Julio Jones, Mark Ingram, Marcel Dareus, and Courtney Upshaw as well as a couple other Tide Players that will be featured in next year’s draft. This guy has been solid since he got here and if you look at his highlights he not only played on the defensive side of the ball but was a beast on offense as well. As of this writing his stock is on fire and it’s looking like he’ll be drafted in the top 10. This guys speed, instincts, and football smarts puts him above any safety that will declare in the next three years I look forward to watching this guy play on Sundays!


Touch That Thang 4. What more can be said? Each time this guy gets after it full speed Quarterbacks piss their pants. And why not? at 6’1 280 and flying off the edge with bad intentions every time what more can you do be run for your life when you see this guy.  A lot of NFL draft pundits and know it alls have talked about him being slow and his arms not being long enough..but when you watch the tape and you watch him play this guy is just plain disruptive off the edge. Whichever NFL team snatches this guy up is getting an instant impact player and I’ll be glad to watch his career playout!



The first time I saw Dre Swag Kirkpatrick Highlights I could hardly believe my eyes. A 6’2/6’3 corner who had the ball skills, the length, and the speed to be an impact player from the Crimson Tide. Not only this, but with the football IQ and charisma to make a difference in a secondary that was desperately in need of it. Mixed with Nick Saban’s coaching this guy quickly became a fixture and fan favorite among the Crimson Tide faithful, and though a lot of NFL Draft experts like him as the #2 or #3 corner the fact of the matter is you rarely see him make mistakes. Of course all corners get beat, but most of the time when you see him play his man barely makes a peep. Not only that, but his ability to step up in the box and willingly make tackles is huge! From the moment he said ‘I ain’t afraid of Julio’ I knew Dre Kirkpatrick would be a special guy!




Last but not least is probably the most under appreciated and overlooked member of the Crimson Tide defense in the draft.  Hightower and Mark Barron have been the brains behind the Tide defense the last three years and allowed the Tide coaching staff to be extremely versatile in their defensive schemes. Hightower not only has the ability to play zone coverage, but he’s able to make all the defensive calls, and rush the passer off the edge as well making him extremely valuable. If not for the dirty play against Arkansas a few years ago it wouldn’t be a question of whether or not he was the top ILB in the draft. As thing are whatever team gets him this year whether it be the Steelers or Ravens(which..are the strongest possibilities) will be getting a leader for their defense for the  future.


The 2008 and 2009 recruiting class at Alabama have produced 2 national titles in their 4 years in Tuscaloosa, could a third one be on the way this season? If the leadership that has held over from these classes stays strong I feel strongly about our chances of repeating. Roll Tide!

    • Korey
    • April 26th, 2012

    Excellent read.


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