New poem…drop commentary please.




Take my hand and walk with me

My stories you hear and bear for me

Into the rain where my heart still beats

With each drop you hear me speak

Did you love me?

“Yes” you, say

Do you miss me?


Tears mixed with the falling storm

From us two, our hearts are torn

Scream your sorrow if you must

But no one will hear except for us

Hand in hand look to the sky

Rain and tears, you say goodbye

With my last drops of breath

I say I Love You and lay to rest

When it rains and you remember

I’ll be forever in September

When you lay down to sleep

If it’s raining you’ll hear me speak

Do you remember?

“Yes” you reply

Will you forget?

“Never in life”

Lying in bed, I leave you there

To forever fall from my own despair

Falling like tears from your eyes

Love me forever, from the crying skies

    • Meme
    • July 5th, 2012

    I love it, it is heartfelt and genuine. The words spoke directly to my heart.


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