Surprise blog post.

So, this was completely unplanned. But I was going through some of my old poems and junk and realized I hadn’t posted this one over here on the blog. So, when you folks get time drop me some commentary, thoughts and all that k? Oh, and by the by, the video blog is no the way back. i’m just trying to build it up with promotion and what have you. Anywhooooo here’s the poetry


The Key.

My heart has been locked away,
the start of a mocked dismay.
I’m trapped within this darkness
without hope to survive.
It seems like outright madness.
This is no way to live.

I can’t take this anymore
as this life slips from my hands,
it is so hard to understand.
Is this what life was meant for…

This aching soul that I bear
cuts like a knife, hope no longer gleams.
I wake from this nightmare
of life and found her in my dreams.

The angel calls my name as I sit, scarred and alone,
from my dreams, she came to take me back home.

She means the world to me.
Just too blind to see
that to my barred heart,
she was the key.

    • DJ matrix
    • October 8th, 2012

    Nice piece homie


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