Eh, I’m just feeling a bit introspective today. So I decided to share it via a blog post and get some of my current thoughts out via ze ole blog here.

Before I dive in, I have to wonder how you folks are doing? is anyone still paying attention to this? If not, then oh well. I really have been working on new material for the blog, it’s just that full time unclehood has really put some restraints on my time. I also don’t have my #1 motivation pushing me anymore: unwavering despair.

Right, moving on lately I’ve found myself pondering a lot. I’ve had quite a bit of time to myself since my relocation of sorts to North Georgia and quite frankly it’s led to even more solitude and self analysis. I wouldn’t mind this too much it’s just I feel even more displaced than when I was in Tuscaloosa if It makes any sense. I love being able to manage this household and actually be a meaningful part of my niece and nephews lives, but I feel like I have essentially laid on the sword and sacrificed any semblance of a personal life I once had for myself. It’s almost as if I’ve fooled around and fathered some children, as much as I look forward to doing so one day I don’t quite think I’m where I want to be right now to do such a thing….

blah. I feel like I’m rambling now.

19 minutes from now, I have to pack up my youngest nephew(4 year old Tyler) climb into my niece’s new vehicle, and head off to plant myself in line so that I’m able to pick up his older brother without any trouble then flash across traffic and retrieve their sister. This is after spending my day doing various exercises and hitting up a repair shop where I had to converse with a few repairmen about what’s wrong with my niece’s car 11 days into ownership…

yeah, i’m totally all over the place.

Oh, and I’ve also been taking out bounties on school work for funds. I guess this is a lot less stressful than sitting around alone and writing escapist fantasies right?

Done, for now.

    • Michael Kerekes
    • February 28th, 2013

    Don’t give up on the idea of having a personal life. I’ve unknowingly done so more than a few times since entering into the “real world,” and it always leads to unhappiness.


    • Oh I’m not. I just felt like I had to release something onto my blog off the cuff. It’s been a while since i showed it any affection and I felt like I should.


    • Money Tight Fashions
    • February 28th, 2013

    You have to find time for yourself aswell. You’ve a great uncle but u have to be great to yourself too! 🙂


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