NCAA Football 13 Dynasty Season 5? or is it 6? bah!

So, anyone who knows me is aware that I’m a pretty big college football fan. Funny thing is, I wasn’t the college football fan I was now when I was younger. As a matter of fact, I didn’t start seriously pursuing much interest in college football until my 9th and 10th grade year of high school. Even then, I didn’t really research or look too deep into it until my basketball recruitment took places and I wanted to look into the recruitment of some of my basketball peers. At that time, there wasn’t much info on basketball recruiting due to the shady nature of that but football? Pfft! a Plethora, and I found myself joining A few months in and I was hooked! I didn’t truly understand how deep I was in until the 2008 recruiting class of Nick Saban’s finished up and the trio of Julio Jones, Mark Ingram, and BJ Scott. Heh, long story short this fascination emerged from my love of video games. One in particular, EA Sports NCAA Football series. In the years since I started playing they haven’t been the most consistent with features and gameplay focused but, something always seems to bring me back to it. Maybe it’s the ability to compete against friends in it? Or maybe it’s just part of me looking to perfect another craft to fill the gap left in my life from not being able to play basketball? either way it’s a fun experience and I really enjoy my time with it. Starting today I’ll be in my 5th/6th season of an Online Dynasty with my friends from I picked up USC, b/c our solitary rule was that since we’re all Bama fans, no one is allowed to pick Bama wouldn’t be fair lol. Last season, I lost in the conference championship to Michigan via some questionable circumstances..(the game froze up late and I had to reboot, my opponent chose to play on..) and he went on to win a national championship. so…as you might imagine my competitive drive is pushing me to finish this season a bit differently. Oh, and the season before that I beat the very same Michigan team in conference play, yet they somehow got into the conference championship ahead of me?(Weird glitch *Shrug*) LOL Anywho this season I return most of my offensive starters, and lose 2 or 3 on defense but otherwise we’re poised to make another run! I’ll give you guys another update when we move past the preseason and onto week 1! Hope you guys enjoy! 

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