Hello all, I know I haven’t blogged much of late. A lot of that has been due to my own personal changes and mental adjustments to what has gone on in my life. And, while I feel a lot better about things it has really affected the pace at which I write as a lot of my stuff tends to be anger and depression driven. Now that I’ve eliminated a lot of that from my life it’s hard to deliver that same venom to push forward with my writing. This has led me to several problems as I have a ton of ideas and what not I like to get out yet I never am able to find the energy or the drive to even push them out anymore…..


eh, anywho this blog was mostly to do another ‘I’m not dead’ indication and to discuss my writing process a bit more. I often wonder what other type of muse I can use to drive my work and lately only two things have flowed well…






Those two things have helped me tap into my talents at a similar level of strength to my anger/depression but with a bit more of an eye for detail. There isn’t much editing involved when I use these styles compared to using the ‘darkness’ and leaving several inconsistencies and typos.


Anywho, what do you folks think? Comment and let me know, k? 

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