1/4 of the way in, and here’s my new Top 10!

Been a few changes in my top 10 since I last wrote a blog.

Clemson beat a REALLY good UGA team early. 

UGA has gone 2 -1 in the toughest stretch of college football anyone has seen at this point.

Jameis Winston has met the hype.

Ohio St and Oregon have done as expected.

Alabama and Texas A&M had a clinic on how not to play defensive back in major football.


Let’s have a look..


10. UCLA – I wanted to put Florida here since they likely have the best defense in college football this year. However, since this is only the top 10 up to this point and not based on the season I went with UCLA. Really like their pro style offense and the way they fought back early against Nebraska this season. Looking forward to seeing how they develop in the latter half of the season as their competition improves.


9. LSU – Solid season to this point. Still got a long way to go to eliminate some hiccups in the secondary (Find another corner) and develop a consistent pass rush. LSU is still LSU and will have plenty of time to find themselves before their next challenge versus the Gators. On the bright side, Zach Mettenberger has essentially become a 1st round draft pick. If LSU can win out from this point on and make it to Atlanta their dreams remain alive. 


8. Oklahoma – Can’t believe it but Oklahoma is looking like Oklahoma again. From what I saw from a few plays against Notre Dame they are back to playing physical football and have a good chance at winning out in their conference. I look forward to seeing how they match up with Baylor, TCU, and Texas the rest of the season.

7. Texas A&M – Johnny Football continues to well, live up to the hype. The only reason this team remains in my top team is because of his presence on the ball club and the fact that their only loss is to my #1 team.


6. FSU – Jaboo Winston has FSU actually meeting their potential thus far this season. From a team that is used to being inconsistent on offense he’s brought some solidarity to the unit and has Noles fans dreaming of crystal balls once again. The one question I have about them isn’t talent, but the ability of their team to step it up on the DL and handle a team with a strong run game. Looking forward to seeing these guys continue to develop.

5. Oregon – Oregon is well, Oregon. They’ve done as they’ve been expected to this season and look like they’ve hardly skipped a beat. They’re match up with Stanford in November will likely be for a spot in the BCS title game as has been the case the past 3 years.


4. Georgia – This team has been extremely impressive this year. Battled through the toughest stretch of the college football season of any team this season. If not for an early hiccup @ Clemson to start the season I could argue they’d be #1 on my list. Will look forward to seeing if they can continue to maintain the momentum and get better over the next two months on their path to Atlanta.


3. Stanford – Fell as spot not because my impression of them has changed, but b/c the Clemson W over Georgia looks that much better with what Georgia has done since their loss. Stanford has actually exceeded my expectations and found a playmaker at WR to help out their young QB this season. Really looking forward to seeing them justify my ranking of them here on Saturday when they take on a pretty solid Washington team.


2. Clemson- The only team on my list to beat an extremely good Georgia team. Some people would say that timing matters, but they are clearly the second best team in the country to this point. Their next major match up with FSU and potentially ACC title game will determine if they are able to pursue their dreams later this season.



1. Alabama – This Alabama team can be quite confusing if you haven’t been paying close enough attention. The champs have been navigated the early part of their schedule as they usually do by remaining undefeated in September yet again. Texas A&M and Virginia Tech showed chinks in the Tide’s defensive armor, however the last two weeks against Colorado St and Ole Miss Alabama found an answer to it’s defensive weakness in true freshman Eddie Jackson. As he continues to mature and progress through the season the Tide defense will continue to peak. The other early question teams had about Alabama was the OL which seemed to be struggling up until starting Center Ryan Kelly went down with an injury and was replaced by backup Chad Lindsay. After Lindsay hit the field the Alabama OL that seemed to be in a stalemate for much of the Ole Miss game went on to take over the game. The only questions I have about the champs right now are if they will be able to continue to become better and fight complacency before their next big battle when LSU comes to Tuscaloosa.



And there you have it! Please leave me your thoughts and commentary folks.

    • Drew Thomas
    • October 2nd, 2013

    Solid top 10. I think in my opinion Georgia is definitely a threat to take the SEC out of Bama’s hands if they can sustain a whole 60 minutes with few errors. Oregon puts up points against inferior opposition so far, but I will need to see alot from thier defense before I believe they can wear down a top tier SEC team. Clemson, FSU, Stanford and Oklahoma seem like legit contenders to the throne this year. LSU could bounce back if Bama slips.


    • Agreed. Glad you didn’t give me crap about Ohio St. Have gotten a lot of flack for not watching them yet lol.


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