Hello all! It’s been some time hasn’t it? 

How’ve you guys been? Doing anything interesting with your lives? If not? Ehhhhh well I hope you are and have some sort of positive vibes going for you!


I have been pretty busy since October rolled around and I once again rejoined the working world. Was totally pulling the double job thing up until the Xmas season and essentially gave up life for a bit. Now that the Xmas season is over though, I’ve found quite a bit more time and I’m able to do a bit more of what I want to with my time. 

That being said, I brought something for you guys to read and comment on for me. PLEASE! Let me know what you think folks and drop a comment below k? ENJOY!




Richmond Gray was happier than he probably had a right to be.


His life was, to his own admittance, a how to guide concerning the tasks to avoid doing with one’s time.  Taking up his father’s invitations to some of his more messy (read: bloody) conversations with store owners concerning protection revenue would not be considered a very good move by society’s rules.  Exploring his fascination with sharp objects by experimenting the resistance of the neighbor’s animals’ hides to fine blades was not much of a personal achievement.  Studying the martial arts and tai chi might have been a character improvement if not for the cold, violent ways the man applied them, especially on his own father.

 However, he enjoyed what he did, and that was what mattered.  Certainly, he could have allowed the negatives to pull him down, but he preferred to attempt a lighter, brighter outlook on things. Not that he could ever achieve the full optimistic effect, given his profession. He wouldn’t reduce himself to an idiot’s blind glee while being an assassin, people would think ill of him.

No, Richmond would be happy with his ways, and society could look the other way for all it mattered; he had the people around him who understood him, the most important of them being the one he was wed to.  Sweet Geri had been a grateful breath of fresh air when his situation was dire enough for him to contemplate taking the quick way out, of course taking a couple of orderlies and doctors with him for the trip.  She knew Richmond, and took comfort and security in him, unlike his other unsuccessful domestic disputes.


The hot, feverish sex didn’t hurt much either.


Peaches, a roof over his head, satisfaction in self; Richmond was all smiles about his situation, despite the fact he might not live to see another day, should Remy Forsythe have his way.


But still, The Silent Knife thought as he looked down at the eternally quiet body of their ‘prisoner’ as the man sank to the bottom of the pier, he enjoyed his work, and life was good.

    • Mary
    • January 26th, 2014

    Good stuff 👍


  1. Interesting. I’m curious to see how this character and story grow. Keep writing darling, I love to read you.


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