Long time no see

Hey guys. It’s been a while, but I just wanted to post this update to not only let the world know that I’m alive and well but this Insomniac has more dreams he’d like to share with you guys in the future. It’s been a pretty topsy turvy roller coaster ride for me since my last update o please stay tuned as I plan to share a lot of new and interesting things with you folks. What can you do to encourage me to post more or even share more work in the future? Please RT my blog links, comment, and contribute to the discussion here so we can develop a nice little niche community here. I’m hoping wonderful things can arise here in the future.

I’d like to end with two notes:

#1 This very wonderful novel I played a part in editing was released today.


You can check out her blog for exclusives and what not over here, http://herscribbledthoughts.wordpress.com/

#2 I’ve had this issue weighing me down of late.


Alright. Hope to see you guys commenting and participating in the future!

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  2. Zankyu very much!


  3. No sweat!


  4. Hi there,

    I’m a friend of yours on Facebook and saw that you were going through some problems, I hope everything has worked out for the best on your ride and with that experience in general.

    You might want to think about how you package some of your blog posts. Maybe rethink another theme or some way of packaging up your stories and writing. For me, I want to be pulled into the these stories and set up some how. Give me some background on why you wrote this, what i’m preparing myself to read.

    I think you got some potential as a writer but to really generate a sense of community and comments is not pushing people to comment if there’s nothing to really comment about. Write about your life, use pictures, use media, use videos, use something more engaging than just words.

    Think about this as a portfolio, if you want to get discovered you need to set up the context and style and tone of the kind of person you are. Part of blogging is letting commenting and feedback come naturally or putting out ideas that are worth debating and discussing.

    Just my 2 cents.


    • Wow. First of all welcome to the blog Lian and thank you for the thoughts and feedback on the blog a a whole. I really appreciate the time you took to not only stop by and read this post but the others you took time to look upon. I’ve often used this place to post raw forms of things I’ve been working on as opposed to polishing them up completely as I wanted a platform to share with people and potentially get some insight with what others thought. As far as using this place as a portfolio or as some sort of launching point to be discovered I honestly never entertained the idea realistically as I never have had a lot of confidence in my writing abilities. That being said I will definitely look into repackaging things a bit and trying to make the page a bit more user friendly in the very near future. Thanks again for commenting and please if you have any more suggestions drop them in the comments and share!



    • Michael Kerekes
    • April 10th, 2014

    I’m going to be a bit of a hypocrite here, but regularity also goes a long way. If you leave things hanging for months, people won’t see it as something to get involved in. Even through rougher times, you have to choose to update regularly β€” no matter what.

    Up until I recently deleted my tumblr account, I really only used my blog as a release of sorts, getting ideas that were in me out of me. I didn’t really care who read it, I just wanted my opinions to be “on the record,” as it were, instead of pent up inside. If you want this to be more than that, Lian’s suggestions would probably go a long way. It’s really a matter of how much you want to get out of blogging.


    • I hear you man. I’ve actually been quite consistent before. The problem I’ve had is when interest seems to dry up no matter what I do to promote things and seek feedback.


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