Discussion: What type of things interest you?

Hey all. It’s yours truly here trying something a bit different here to try and generate some discussion on the blog. I was wondering, what type of things interest you guys? Like, what type of information do you enjoy following?

For example, I’m into Tech news, prose and poetry, college football, anime, college football, basketball, etc. I’m asking because in my continued efforts to expand the blog I’d like to post more pieces geared toward different readers. I mean, i’m fine sharing my writing and opinion pieces all the time but I’d also like to cater to those who show their support and help me generate my work you guys. So, let me know in the comments below so I can get to work on different pieces and get something awesome content generated!



  1. I’m into poetry, anime (thanks to someones influence), art in all forms, music..basically anything that takes place in the left side of the brain. I guess that means I’m not in my “right” mind?


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