Saving Central: Fighting Re-Segregation in the South.

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Update 02/15/2015

ESPN has done a new feature on this situation for their Outside The Lines segment. Here’s a link to the video


The following video post is a documentary about a high school I spent 3 years of my life in. I grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as many people know and anyone who knows me personally knows that I felt very disillusioned with the manner in which the city is run. I won’t go into all of that here because it’s not that important. What’s important is that the message gets out about how the local school board and United States education system has failed different parts of the country in this regard. School’s are becoming RE-SEGREGATED in different parts of the country each day and it’s pretty criminal how ignorant a lot of the world is to some of these.

I feel like if there is anything I can do to promote change or help prevent this type of thing from continuing to blossom into a bigger entity then something such as posting this on my blog and spreading the message is the least I can do.

Please Reblog, share, comment, and leave your thoughts on this when you have a chance.


Edited this post to include quotes from the Tuscaloosa News article and link to the new article posted today.


In the initial stages of her research, Hannah-Jones came across a study by Stanford University that showed that within three years of being released from court desegregation orders, many school systems started resegregating.

“So I contacted the Stanford researchers and I asked them where are the districts that have resegregated most rapidly,” she said. “They sent me a list of the top 10 and Tuscaloosa was on that list. Tuscaloosa wasn’t the worst on the list, but it was among the worst in the country.”

She chose Tuscaloosa City Schools over the other nine because it’s in the South, the system still has white students and it hasn’t been extensively written about nationally.

“Tuscaloosa really interested me because it was small enough to intimately tell a story, and that it had gone from one high school (Central) with perfect integration — not perfect as in flawless, but perfect because all students went to the same school — to three high schools,” she said.

“I was interested that Tuscaloosa had found a solution to segregation that had worked, and I wanted to know why it had gone away from that. And of course, Tuscaloosa has a lot of history with the ‘Stand in the Schoolhouse Doors’ and Alabama being the cradle of the civil rights movement.”

The full article is here,

    • Michael Kerekes
    • April 22nd, 2014

    For whatever reason, city leaders (and this isn’t limited to Tuscaloosa) feel in order to attract businesses to their area, they have to have city schools that don’t suffer from “white flight.” Hence, this sort of thing. Hasn’t really stopped white flight, apparently.

    Things would have been better had they just built a mega-campus for Central and had 9-12 on it. Everyone together — that’s how it should be.


    • Exactly. But what’s right isn’t always what’s on these idiots mind. There’s always an agenda and 90% of the time it’s $$


  1. It’s frightening how far this country hasn’t come.


    • I want to say I was surprised, but when I remember that money shapes the world it’s not surprising at all.


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