MGH: Scene 2 w/ Audio!

For those who missed the first scene’s audio




Here’s the text, click play above and give a listen. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks for visiting!


Now, I’m sure you’ve got some question after what just what went down.  Well, before I delve too deep into things, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Wil. Wil D. Palazzo. I’m a magical girl hunter. What’s a magical girl hunter you ask? Basically, I’m a hired assassin who accepts hits on female superheros for a reasonable fee. I know this isn’t the most noble of ventures in the world, but hear me out before you rush to any sort of asinine judgments. The work I’m doing is a necessity in a world where these jokers run rampant with no regard for collateral damage. The way I look at is, we’re doing people a civic duty by eliminating these sources of increased insurance rates. Business had been picking up recently. We used to have long gaps between -real- work, which unfortunately had to be filled by “working” in the kinds of establishments where we got those burgers from. Now we had a waiting list. I’d like to think that this was because we had developed a widespread reputation, but I knew what the real reason was; they were multiplying like cockroaches. With each day that passed there was another new paragon of cuteness and heroism appearing. Despite that, it was good for business. I mean, after all, now we could afford to eat the kind of food we used to have to serve on a consistent basis.

I had a lot of time to think about this kind of stuff, while I was driving to work, because my partner Marc’s really not the chatty type. No, he’s more of the type of person that could be a real role model for suicidal teens. He prefers staring off into space over small talk, which I can’t say I mind, but it does make for rather boring car rides. I briefly thought of saying something to him as we pulled up at the stop light, but when I looked at him, I felt compelled to check myself in the mirror. See, Marc’s kinda scuzzy looking. He was of Asian descent and his uncombed black hair seemed to form a shroud over his face. Not only that but he had a five o’clock shadow, and didn’t seem to want to be bothered with shaving. Sometimes, I feel grungy just looking at him, and this was one of those times. You’d probably be correct if you called it obsessive-compulsive of me. Unlike my partner I was more of a clean cut fellow. Hair trimmed and edged up to perfection and there wasn’t a black wittle hair not perfectly aligned within my goatee. I gave my reflection that winning smile of mine, and then resumed the driving as the light turned green.

After a short time I pulled up to a large ordinary looking office building; this was the place that housed our business office. There was nothing about it that seemed to stick out in any form of fashion but, it suited our purposes perfectly. We quickly slipped out of the car and into the building. After a brief elevator ride we found ourselves strolling into our office. Taking a quick glance at my watch I took note of the time before speaking aloud.  

“Hmmm… Looks like we have some time to kill,” I mused.

“Yes… we do,” replied Marc, in the same way you might say, “My mother died today.”

“Darts or Black Jack?” I questioned him with a sly smirk making its way upon my face.

“Darts… you always cheat at Black Jack.” He replied in the very same tone.

    • nikewrites
    • May 24th, 2014

    Sounds good bro! Run with it!


    • Nicole Kurtz
    • May 26th, 2014

    Oh I do love this story. MGH is a fave. *sigh* I don’t like the character describing what he looks like. It threw me out of the story, but his sense of humor was more telling than the descriptions.


  1. Great Job!


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  3. Your second audio and I already hear improvement. The music in the background was a good add-in and it fit well. You are always an expressive reader, it makes listening to you enjoyable. I’m curious to hear the next segment and how much you improve it as you did with this one. Keep them coming Wil, I think your audience appreciates the effort and time you put into these posts.


  4. Move back a little from the mic, speak up and slow down! I know that probably sounds silly but…. I needed it to be a little more clear. I missed some of it because of slight interference.

    I liked the music but I have to say, it was distracting. I had to rewind a few times, especially when you did Marc’s voice.

    Overall, I really like listening to this story. I love the changing of voices for each character and I have to get over my ADHD because I do like the music in the background but I need to focus on the words of the story.



    • I actually wasn’t close up on the mic at all. I raised the volume via the options to try and get things louder since even speaking loud didn’t do much to help improve the volume. Music was a distraction huh? Not good, I guess I should lose it then. Alrighty, thanks for the feedback and appreciate you for stopping by!


    • Michael Kerekes
    • June 4th, 2014

    The narration is a great touch from you sir, albeit I would definitely make a point to make what you’re saying match the words on the screen. It got confusing a bit in the first paragraph. You do a good job changing volume and pace at the right time. Instead of trying to “voice” characters like Marc, I would maybe suggest taking a more ironic tone when you say lines like “my mother died today.”

    Unless you can find a way to imbed the music directly with your voice file, I’d kill it personally. The sounds quality of the music is poor and is basically little more than distracting background noise.


    • Thanks for the feedback. And the audio version is it’s own interpretation of the next so I may have little additions here and there to make it a unique experience of it’s own.

      Thinking of long term finding others to contribute to the project and have them voice some of the other characters right now though I’m just trying to make the most of my resources.(One piece of audio software and an old school plug in mic LOL).

      Thanks for the feedback though. I’m definitely working on ways to improve things probably going to end up going back in and rerecording all of these at some point.


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