MGH Scene 3 w/Audio


Here’s another scene from Magical Girl Hunter Chapter 1 in audio form. This is scene 3, I hope you guys enjoy.  PLEASE leave commentary so I can learn how to improve these pieces.


I have to say that Marc is damn good at darts. I guess he’s just talented in anything that involves throwing sharp objects. I don’t know… I suck at it, myself, so I was pretty relieved when I heard a knock on the door. Eight o’clock, right on the nose. It seemed that our client was one eager beaver. I quickly shoved the dart board underneath one of the many unruly stacks of papers that covered the two desks in our office (I know this wasn’t the best place, but hey it’d work for the short term right?) and went to open the door. What I saw was not a good sign. The guy was covered from head to toe. What he couldn’t hide with his long, black coat, he hid with sunglasses, a derby, a scarf, gloves, and galoshes. The whole setup just screamed, “Look at me! I’m trying to be inconspicuous!” I mean, it’s not a requirement that our clientele possess a modicum of intelligence, but it sure helps! Still, a client was a client.

“Welcome Mr. ‘Insidious Marduk’ was it?” I greeted him, smiling.

“Shh! Not so loud,” he loudly whispered, accentuating his request by putting his finger up to where I guessed his lips must have been. I fought back the urge to roll my eyes and ushered him inside. Once there, the first thing he noticed was the first thing everyone who comes to our office notices: the typical short skirt most magical girls wear was pinned to the wall. I had heard Marc call it a ‘fuku’. Apparently girls in Japan wore those things as a uniform from primary school up until they graduated from high school. Moving on, it never belonged to any magical girl, mind you. I actually bought it online from a school supply store in Japan. Initially, I put it up there as a joke, but it seemed to have quite an effect on our clientele. Anyhow, once he got over that, he took off his get up, and I saw that he was probably justified in wearing it. I mean, as conspicuous as that cute little costume was, it wasn’t quite as conspicuous as a huge, blue skinned guy, with four arms, three eyes, and no visible nose to speak of. Marc reluctantly got out of his seat and offered it to Marduk. We only have two chairs, you see and it was his turn to give up his as I’d donated my seat for the last client. I turned my seat around and straddled it taking up the informal sitting position all the cool kids used in high school.

“Well, I believe that introductions are in order,” I reasoned cheerfully. “I am Wil, and this is my partner, Marc.” Marc actually managed to wave. Sure, he didn’t bother to pick his head up or look anywhere near Marduk, but it was quite an improvement, anyway.

“It was very wise for you to come to us with your particular… problem,” I continued. “We’re specialists in the field, you know.” Marduk just nodded, his eyes darting around the room like gnats on cocaine.  “Mr. Marduk, I assure you that we’re completely safe here,” I said using my best soothing voice. I was pretty good at getting people to calm down. Like Qualudes without the side effects. “I… I’m sorry,” stammered Marduk. “It’s just that… I’ve been on edge ever since…”

“I understand what you’re going through,” I sympathized, doing my best to ooze compassion from every pore. Sure, I interrupted the putz but I hate hearing how pathetic these clowns sound.  “It must be terrible for you.”

“I mean, it’s not like mine is the only organization of this sort, why doesn’t she pick on someone else for a change?!” Marduk’s voice had a pitch so annoyingly high I thought my head would explode. Any sort of pity I wasn’t feeling had to be covered up though, the poor guy was close to tears.

“They tend to ‘latch on’ to specific groups and badger them incessantly,” I explained, doing my best psychiatrist impersonation. “Our studies have shown that their ‘obsession complex’ develops early on, usually regarding the first organized business they run into… they’ll continue their terrorist activities towards that one group until they are stopped or it is at the very least destroyed.” Insidious Marduk gulped; little beads of sweat beginning to slide down his forehead. He was really worried now. “Really, it’s an obvious crime; what these parasites have done to entrepreneurs, such as yourself. Of course, the police don’t want to have to deal with the problem, and the public certainly isn’t pressuring them to. I’m afraid they’re image has become quite positive. So you see, you’re not only helping yourself, by enlisting our aid. You’re also providing a valuable public service…”

Ah, the ol’ rationale. See, despite the… shall we say less than morally sound nature of the organizations (okay, gangs) that Insidious Marduk headed. The idea of hiring someone to… well… to blow the heads off of little girls magical or not sometimes didn’t sit entirely well with them. I mean, they might constantly go on about offing the squirts themselves, but the simple fact that they were always guaranteed to fail, meant that they never really considered what that would really entail. They had to, when they hired us, though. We had a ninety-nine percent success rate. “If… if you say so,” he conceded, calming down visibly.

“So who do you want us to kill?” asked Marc. I swear, that boy has no sense of human (well, near human) relations. “Marc,” I chided, “You know we don’t use that word here. Its ‘remove from active operation,’ remember?” Marc gave me a look of quiet disgust, but didn’t agitate the situation further, thankfully.

“Her… her name is,” He began, before pausing. Insidious Marduk’s eyes started shifting again and he lowered his voice to a hoarse whisper, “Captain Cute.” He started rummaging through his pants pocket and produced a dog-eared photo. “This is her picture. Please! I’ll pay you anything! Half my staff’s quit already!”

“Have no fear, Mr.Marduk,” I assured pleasantly, plucking the photo from his hand. “You can consider your problem solved.”        

    • Michael Kerekes
    • June 6th, 2014

    Things flow much better when the words you speak match the written words. 🙂

    I can’t decide if I like the voice acting or not. On one hand, it’s an interesting change of pace from your regular reading voice. On the other hand, I wonder if slight changes to your voice when reading Marc and Marduk’s parts might work better.


    • Thanks for the feedback m’boy. There were changes to my voice for Marc and Marduk’s part…

      But yeah. I’m definitely continuing to try and improve things and have a plan in place for some very interesting changes in the next update.


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