Short action scene from an upcoming story

Hope you all enjoy this bit. Wrote it out last night after I finished doing a bit of reading.




“Akiko the Empty, I presume?” Richmond Gray asked of what appeared to be thin air.

“That is correct, Silent Knife,” the thin air replied. “How did you know I was here?”

Gray laughed slightly. “Why, I would have to be blind to miss a woman of your beauty.”

“You have nowhere to run to this time, Knife. No girders to hide behind, no corners to run to. Just a big empty stone room.”

“Ah, you forget the rubble and bodies behind me. Mostly my allies’ work, of course, so messy. But effective nonetheless.”

“You have nowhere to hide, nowhere to run,” taunted Akiko. “I can see everything you do, but you can’t see me. You will die.”

“Of course I will die,” said Gray cheerfully. “Everyone dies. However, it still remains in question if you will be the one to kill me.”

“Then let us answer it,” said Akiko as she launched a flight of her tiny needles.

Needles that the Silent Knife effortlessly sidestepped.

“Impressive,” said Akiko as she moved stealthily to a new location, the voice software on her suit echoing it so as to make it seem like she hadn’t moved at all. “But can you do it again?” Another volley, and another effortless sidestep.

“You shouldn’t rush so much,” suggested Gray. “This is only our second date, after all. I’m sure you can do better than that.”

Akiko mentally cursed and moved. Perhaps the voice software was defective? Or maybe he was just good enough to hear through it. Whatever the case, he wouldn’t be so lucky next time. Aiming perfect for his lower back, she shot-

-and he dodged again, a single quick movement that left his coat hanging in the breeze, so fast you couldn’t even see him move.

Akiko fired again and again quickly, but with no more effect than the first time. Snarling, she began moving as rapidly as she could while remaining stealthy, firing at uneven intervals. Left, right, even up onto the walls and ceiling, it didn’t seem to make any difference. Every shot was precisely dodged with seemingly no effort at all.

Richmond Gray turned to face her, to face the invisible her that he should be able to see, and he said, “Do you want to know how I can do that?”

Mentally, she screamed YES, but her pride and honor would not allow her to beg out loud. Instead, she moved slowly, as quietly as she could, to the left.

Gray’s eyes followed her. She froze, and so did his eyes.

“The thing most people don’t realize,” he said cheerfully, “is that every weapon has strengths and weaknesses. There is no such thing as a perfect weapon. Take your needles, for instance. They are weaker and slower than bullets, but also smaller and without the flash and bang of guns. A good weapon for someone like yourself who hides in the shadows as an invisible presence. Better to give up power and speed to maximize your invisibility. However, this choice creates new weaknesses even as it gives you strengths. In this case, the slow speed of the needles gives me time to dodge after I hear them being fired.”

“But how do you know where the needles are coming from?” Akiko nearly screamed. “How can you tell where I am?”

The Silent Knife began to walk slowly forward, straight at Akiko’s fearful form. “The weakness of your suit,” he said happily, “is sound. I couldn’t take advantage of it at the club with all the terribly loud music, but in this place it is simple to hear your footsteps and keep track of your location.”

“Th-that’s impossible! My stealth is perfect! It’s impossible for you to hear me!”

“My dear, you are wearing a suit of metal mesh and walking on stone. You are very quiet, but far from total silence. You provide just enough sound for me to locate you.”

“How can you hear me when I can’t even hear myself?” asked Akiko as she desperately raised her arm and shot a last volley of needles at the slowly approaching figure. He dodged aside and rushed forward the last few feet, twirling his knife to cut through Akiko’s crossbow and press against her invisible throat in one fluid motion.

  1. My only issue with this is setting. I get the very, very basic idea but I would like a little bit more. She says the room is empty but he kind of implies that there is “something” there. I think I just want the narrator to set me straight.

    All and all, I LIKE IT!


    • Thank youse! This isn’t the entire scene so it didn’t really give you the intro describing the warehouse and everything else. I don’t want to give TOO many spoilers on future releases 😉


  2. Happy Belated Birthday and Thanks for the shout out out in your wonderful blog! Can’t wait for the original pieces!


    • Thank you for the continued support and feedback! :0. Really hoping we can get something special built round these parts.


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