Wrote a bit recently, thought I should share!

Hey guys! Been a while since I updated sooooo here you go! here’s an excerpt from my continuing story Unreal Estate hope you folks enjoy!


‘Tidying up’ was too cutesy of a word for it. Mallory was a lean, mean cleaning machine. Whatever machismo he could gather unto himself he did, eliminating dust and dirt like a focused filth assassin. He was the Zen master of tidying up—a familiar and comfortable state of daily routine.

He ran the dust-sweeper around the corner of the coffee table, eliminating a dustball kicked up by Eiko’s playing—Most Terrible Lizard King™ was doing battle with Peacemaker Pretty Soldier Biiko™ in her lovely pink camouflage with matching pink non-violent stun weapons, and so far the only casualty was the carpeting.

He scooped up the end result of the horrors of plastic war, then rounded the next corner, asking Lorelei to put her legs up—she promptly put them behind her head, which made him do a bit of a double take, but then it was back to the Zen cleansing routine.

Kisei smoothly shifted her legs onto the L-bend in the couch before Mallory even got there, opting for the more sensible route of simply relocating them while giving Lorelei her usual look of mild disdain. As usual, Lorelei bit back with a sarcastic comment which Kisei ignored, as she resumed writing in her journal.

The carpets finished, it was time to break out the feather duster. He ran it over the various framed pictures of Eiko and Meiko from their earlier days, and took special care to clean the one recent group photo they had taken during the Nippon stopover; the only picture of Mallory in the House, and most importantly, the only picture where Mallory and Meiko were together…

On a whim, he walked over to the RealNet Workstation where Meiko was browsing job listings, and dusted her a bit. She flinched and then sneezed when he flicked the duster over her face… and they both shared a laugh, a wonderfully silly and heartfelt laugh.

Just one perfect moment in time, one which Mallory never wanted to end. If he spent the rest of his days like this, with all of them, he’d be the happiest man in the multiverse…

In order to maintain that happiness, he tried his best to ignore the ghost. Dusting Meiko’s Workstation screen a bit, he moved on to dusting the engine in the alcove behind her. Then he’d have to head to the kitchen and clean up Meiko’s last attempt at proving her worth in the field of cooking, and he could move on to the laundry…

The ghost stood in his way. His expression hadn’t changed since he got there—one of anticipation, of prompting. Prompting Mallory to take some sort of action…

“Leave me alone,” Mallory said, pushing past him. “I’m happy. Just leave me alone… I couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to. Not against him—”

Him. The memory alone broke his trance, and broke his wonderful moment.

Because immediately, he was there. And he didn’t wait, he didn’t pause, just as before—he simply burned it. All of it. In one horrifying moment everybody he knew and loved was gone in a flash of purple fire. All that remained was himself and himself and himself. Mallory and Mallory and Mallory, Mallory and the ghost M and the killer Multi…

Multi, who was wearing a sweatshirt much like Mallory’s, except with the black and the white of its yin-yang reversed.

Mallory awoke in an instant. It was better to wake an hour ahead of schedule than to have nightmare after nightmare.

  1. Mallory is one of my favorite characters of yours. Carrot is my most favorite.

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  2. great imagery. “he scooped up the end result of the horrors of plastic war” — i liked that most.

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