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Hey all!

Hello all! It’s been a while but I’m finally back in the writing saddle again. After several months/days/years of investing my all into an organization to push myself professionally I’ve decided to refocus my energy into being a creative once more.  So, for those interested in this little journey the blog will take on a bit of a transition in that sense and recant my various trials and tribulations as I pursue a way to better myself in my pursuit of happiness.

I’ll be providing a soundcloud blog experience, video documentation, and the usual spiel I post here. I plan to try to have an audio clip to accompany every update and have a semi regular schedule.


Stay tuned for more details in the future!


Come back..



Coming soon.

Pay attention for the deets.



Last time…

I’ve been through a lot since I last posted. I found happiness for the first time in a long time, inner peace and all that junk but then…I lost it. Now that it’s gone I’ve found my ultimate muse again and begun to start writing/finishing some stuff I set out to do long ago.

So…just a sneak peek on what I’ve been workin’ to revise and rewrite of late.


Carrot found himself staring at Mitsuki. He scowled coldly as she stood silently waiting for him. “You’re a real buzz kill ya know that?” he muttered as he stopped his slow swaying and clenched his fists.

“You are more and more surprising boy,” she commented as she steadied herself after his revelation. “The Spider’s Fang? The style is lost, there is no way that you have discovered such a secret.”

Carrot blinked. “Really?”

“Die!” she snarled as she dashed forward and slashed at him with her blade.

Carrot launched himself into the air and backwards. He flipped and landed on top of the concrete wall that made up the small building behind him. “I just made that up actually.”

“You take me for a fool!?” she snarled as she turned to face him after her missed strike.

“I’ll just take your word for that,” replied Carrot as he felt the familiar tingle of his spider sense and jumped again.  A mass of shuriken landed where he had been before and he flipped onto the gravel lightly off to the Kunoichi’s right side. “Lady, you’re really starting to bug me.”

“I’ll do more than bother you boy,” she spat as she whirled around and sent a wide arc of seven throwing knives. Carrot merely shifted to the side and moved between two of them as they passed him. He flicked his wrist as he did so and the woman gasped as she deflected the small metal spike and wire with the hilt of her blade. “You’ve improved.”

“And you haven’t,” he replied calmly.

“You’re still just a boy, I’ll destroy you yet,” she replied icily as she readied her sword again.

Carrot tensed his body again and waited for the attack. He knew it would be rather stupid to just charge her. “Damn. I don’t have time for this!” He remembered the force of ninja searching the building just behind him. It wouldn’t take more than a few minutes for them to find their way up to where he was.

“You’re should worry more about the immediate danger!” snarled the woman as she jumped at him and slashed with her sword.

Carrot reacted quickly he spun and ducked under the blade as she slashed around wildly after landing in front of him. Finally he spun around behind her and lashed out with his foot.

Mitsuki didn’t react in time and received a blow to her rear for it. She stumbled forward and slowly turned to face him with her blade held defensively towards him. “What are you doing?”

Carrot was still squatting as he had managed to put some distance between them with his attack.

“You’re playing with me?” she said out loud, more to herself than him.

“You think I got some kind of death wish?” he muttered a he stared at her dumbly. Luckily for him, the woman didn’t hear, and his mask disguised the look on his face.

“You will pay dearly for not taking me seriously!” she snarled as she charged him again. This time her blade was in her hilt with her hand resting on it lightly.

“Oh shit!” said Carrot as he jumped almost straight up and performed a back flip over the super fast strike. His hand shot out almost instinctually as he passed over her, driving a line into the ground as he did so. He came down behind her and she was pulled to the ground by the wire. Carrot landed with his hands almost touching the ground and spun around to face her again.

Mitsuki growled angrily as she spun the blade around in her hand and cut the metal wire with surprising ease. She jumped up with the sword thrusting forward. Carrot barely managed to duck out of the way and roll to the side as she hacked down with it after the defensive maneuver. “So fast!” muttered the woman as she stepped back in a defensive position again.

Carrot was staring at her again, trying to find some kind of opening to run away or take her out quickly. Unfortunately, she was quite good at what she did, and none had yet presented itself. “Look, I’m sorry I kept your daughter out so late all those times. Would it make you feel better if I got her back home before ten from now on?”

“You won’t make light of this,” said Mitsuki as she smirked at him. Her sword was once again inside its hilt with her hand ready for the fast draw strike.

“I swear! I never touched her!” said Carrot as he backed away slightly.

“As fast as you are, you’re still a coward. You look to run from battle. Give up, there is no escape.”

“Sure there is, I just haven’t figured it out yet,” said the boy lamely.

“The costume does suit you though. I can see why my daughter is so interested in you.”

“It’s not what you’d call a healthy interest if you get my meaning,” said Carrot as he felt the tingling forming on his chest.

Mitsuki charged forward and stabbed straight at him. The blade strike was almost too fast to see.

“You’ll not escape me! I finally have you cornered!” snapped Mitsuki as she cut a clean gash into the wall with her sword and sheathed it in a single fluid motion.

“Oooh. That looks like it might have left a mark,” muttered Carrot.

“What?” said the woman as she realized her attack didn’t connect.

Carrot was looking down at her from the roof of the concrete structure again.

“Very well!” she snarled as she jumped up near to where he was. “You’re more skilled than I had thought, but you’re running out of room, and time.”

Carrot nodded slowly. “Yeah, I know it.”

“Ah, a wise ass until the end. Hold still and die!”

“Only if you promise it won’t hurt!” said Carrot as he jumped over the sword strike that she used to punctuate her last statement.

He landed on the ground and blinked at the high pitched screaming that started to sound behind him. “Huh? What the?”

Mitsuki was shaking violently, spit was flying out of her mouth as her hair started to smolder. She had slashed into a large metal box that was labeled ‘High Voltage’. Carrot had been standing directly in front of the decal and she hadn’t seen it.

“Oops,” he said as he watched her fry. Her skin was turning black and smoking badly by this point. The smell was horrible and he backed away slowly as she began to shoot sparks. The screaming had stopped at least, but it wasn’t a very pleasant thing to see either. “Oh shit. Sorry lady.”

Finally she stopped and crumpled down to the ground. Liquid oozed from her body as the skin cracked and flaked away from what was left of her. She was little more than a blackened skeleton with bits of flesh and fried skin.

That was when Carrot realized that he had a major problem. The woman’s death had caused a major problem with the power inside the building. It would no doubt tell the ninja searching for him inside exactly where he was within a few moments. “Crap!”

As if in answer to this, the door below him burst open. Dozens of shinobi rushed onto the rooftop with their weapons drawn. “Son of a bitch.”

Almost as one, they all whirled around to face him. He realized that speaking was probably not a good idea.

“Um, hi guys. Is my costume okay? It’s a little different, but the invitation only said to wear black…”

A huge ninja with hulking shoulders walked calmly out of the door and into the center of the mass of shinobi. Without even turning to face him he spoke. “Kill him.”

“This is really gonna suck,” noted Carrot as they started leaping towards him.

Just a tiny tease

Hey all, it’s been a while since I updated so, I thought I’d post this to keep things flowing. Hope you enjoy this tiny teaser

3:24am. Plenty of time, with plenty of money.

If stress was an unwelcome addition to Meiko’s life, relief was a very welcome addition. The kind of sweet relief that comes from knowing that your problems are solved, and solved beyond the minimum of solvability. A weighty bag in her purse confirmed the future—the House would be safe, and they’d actually have a bit of profit from tonight’s mayhem. Whatever anger and panic she felt earlier was almost a distant memory, sinking fast below the horizon as she left it behind…

Of course, relief can be just as much of a distraction as panic, which is why she didn’t notice Mallory until she had walked past him.

He was busy mopping up a bit of the mess left behind by a particularly satisfied customer, who had chosen to return his beer on the sidewalk rather than take it home with him. The odor of the mess only struck Meiko at the moment she noticed he was doing this.

“Mallory, we’re done,” she reminded him. “You don’t have to play wage slave anymore, you know…”

“I know,” Mallory spoke, mopping away with abandon. “But I’d hate to leave a mess like this for Mr. Nakago’s next wave of staff to deal with the next day…”

“Huh. I’d figured you went back to Ryo’s, anyway…”

“What? No way, I’m going with you to get the House back,” he explained, rinsing out the mop via a yank of his bucket’s handle. “I mean… this is all my fault. If I went back to sleep while you’re off dealing with the towing company, it’d be kinda selfish of me. …ummmm…”


“I’m kinda surprised you’re not, uh, more angry at me,” he said, unsure if saying it was a good idea in the first place. “I mean, sure, you were pretty upset when you found out, but… and maybe it was just you focusing on work instead of on what happened, but… I mean, I’d understand if—”



“Whatever,” Meiko repeated. “We came out of this better than we went into. And… I guess you wouldn’t have known about the rights management fees, so I can hardly blame you. And besides, look at you now… you’re mopping up the contents of… what is that, anyway, urine or vomit? I can’t even tell.”

“I think it’s both…”

“Anyway, you’re above and beyond the call of duty,” Meiko continued, while keeping her eyes off the puddle of unidentifiable yuck. “Most guys I know would try to duck out of responsibility, avoid doing anything to correct matters. Go and sleep it off, like you said. Except you’ve been working your ass off all night, without losing your trademark smile. So… whatever. I don’t feel angry. Do you think I should I still be angry?”

“Er, no? Yes? I don’t know. I’m not exactly a good judge of these things…”

“Then I’ll choose not to be angry,” she decided. “I’m too tired to be angry, even if I wanted to be.”

Wrote a bit recently, thought I should share!

Hey guys! Been a while since I updated sooooo here you go! here’s an excerpt from my continuing story Unreal Estate hope you folks enjoy!


‘Tidying up’ was too cutesy of a word for it. Mallory was a lean, mean cleaning machine. Whatever machismo he could gather unto himself he did, eliminating dust and dirt like a focused filth assassin. He was the Zen master of tidying up—a familiar and comfortable state of daily routine.

He ran the dust-sweeper around the corner of the coffee table, eliminating a dustball kicked up by Eiko’s playing—Most Terrible Lizard King™ was doing battle with Peacemaker Pretty Soldier Biiko™ in her lovely pink camouflage with matching pink non-violent stun weapons, and so far the only casualty was the carpeting.

He scooped up the end result of the horrors of plastic war, then rounded the next corner, asking Lorelei to put her legs up—she promptly put them behind her head, which made him do a bit of a double take, but then it was back to the Zen cleansing routine.

Kisei smoothly shifted her legs onto the L-bend in the couch before Mallory even got there, opting for the more sensible route of simply relocating them while giving Lorelei her usual look of mild disdain. As usual, Lorelei bit back with a sarcastic comment which Kisei ignored, as she resumed writing in her journal.

The carpets finished, it was time to break out the feather duster. He ran it over the various framed pictures of Eiko and Meiko from their earlier days, and took special care to clean the one recent group photo they had taken during the Nippon stopover; the only picture of Mallory in the House, and most importantly, the only picture where Mallory and Meiko were together…

On a whim, he walked over to the RealNet Workstation where Meiko was browsing job listings, and dusted her a bit. She flinched and then sneezed when he flicked the duster over her face… and they both shared a laugh, a wonderfully silly and heartfelt laugh.

Just one perfect moment in time, one which Mallory never wanted to end. If he spent the rest of his days like this, with all of them, he’d be the happiest man in the multiverse…

In order to maintain that happiness, he tried his best to ignore the ghost. Dusting Meiko’s Workstation screen a bit, he moved on to dusting the engine in the alcove behind her. Then he’d have to head to the kitchen and clean up Meiko’s last attempt at proving her worth in the field of cooking, and he could move on to the laundry…

The ghost stood in his way. His expression hadn’t changed since he got there—one of anticipation, of prompting. Prompting Mallory to take some sort of action…

“Leave me alone,” Mallory said, pushing past him. “I’m happy. Just leave me alone… I couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to. Not against him—”

Him. The memory alone broke his trance, and broke his wonderful moment.

Because immediately, he was there. And he didn’t wait, he didn’t pause, just as before—he simply burned it. All of it. In one horrifying moment everybody he knew and loved was gone in a flash of purple fire. All that remained was himself and himself and himself. Mallory and Mallory and Mallory, Mallory and the ghost M and the killer Multi…

Multi, who was wearing a sweatshirt much like Mallory’s, except with the black and the white of its yin-yang reversed.

Mallory awoke in an instant. It was better to wake an hour ahead of schedule than to have nightmare after nightmare.

My Writing Process

Here’s my sis Nike’s responses explaining her writing process. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. If you enjoy, go read her blog over at

Nikewrites Blog

I was invited by my little sister doing big things, author and entrepreneur, Ms. Tiffany Christina Lewis, to take part in this blog hop! I’ve never blog hopped before, so this should be interesting! 😀 Today’s hot topic is: What is your writing process?

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

What are you currently writing?

Homework. Yes, homework. I’m taking a class on writing, of course! Just because I have published a book and written a gaggle of short stories and poems, doesn’t mean I have mastered the skill of writing. I can always learn more! Since I like the class, it doesn’t feel like a dreaded task (like algebra), it’s fun and I’m getting a lot out of it!

What makes your work different?

This is going to sound a little corny, but I think my work is different because I don’t just write a poem or story…

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My Writing Process

I’ll be participating in this soon. This is from to give you guys an idea of what it looks like. Hope you enjoy.

Tiffany's Scribbled Thoughts

My homie Necole Ryse invited me to this blog hop. Of course I’m so preoccupied with other whatevas that I didn’t let her know til Monday that I wanted to get in on it. And whats worse? I knew I wanted to get in on it but I wasn’t sure I would have time so I basically wasted time trying to figure out if I could do it then forgot to tell her I could do it and yada yada. #Slacker.

Lame, I know, my bad Necole… But as always, she is gracious and angelic in how she treats me and she let me in anyway. 🙂

4 questions and answers about my writing process! You wanna see em, here they go!

What are you currently writing?

I am working on a sequel to Inside Out, currently untitled. I completed a second novella, unrelated to Michael Taylor and am in…

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