Other things I’ll be doing here~~

In addition to posting updates on the progress i’m having with my writing, I’ll also be posting opinion pieces on the state of professional and collegiate athletics. From Alabama football, to Chicago Bulls Basketball I’ll offer a non-homeristic view on a variety of topics. Most importantly I’ll do my best to give a break down of different teams and sports as they relate to opponents of the teams I follow. I will also give my opinions on the state of sports in general, from the NCAA’s foolishness at not being able to keep recruiting violations under control to the current state of NBA basketball. Hopefully I’ll bring a few more readers over to check my stuph out. :T


Ok, for real this time

It’s coming. I’m almost done now, and SOON you shall all get to see some of the work i’ve been editing/creating the past few days. No excuses, prepare yourself world!


Big things arriving today..

Gonna post a few new things among my appears at Steamy Trails. Hopefully they are received well. :). Also, for those who haven’t heard..

http://www.thematicliterarymagazine.com has officially launched!

So, if you’re into literary awesomeness, and feel like you want to be apart of the revolution submit your work.

Also.. I’m hearing rumblings of more big things besides my literary greatness will emerge in the future. Will let you know more as it comes together.

Ta-ta til later folks!

Busy Busy….

But not really,

Today’s progress? Six word documents are open and completed…however I have to yet to go through with any edits or adjustments.

What have I done? Play Batman Arkham Asylum’s challenge mode and kill time. Tomorrow’s plans? Road trip, hair cut, and music exploration mode. I’m looking forward to picking up some new ideas in Georgia. Rich people, bad traffic, here I come!


Post #2

So, last night I planned on getting a lot done….and that failed. Only got a little bit of what I intended done..however on the plus side. TODAY! I have been getting a load accomplished. expect updates to my page at Steamy and more good stuph to come before I submit to my body’s limits. Oh? And if anyone has any ideas on how I should spruce the blog up please shoot’em to me.


Oh, and did I mention that I recently contributed to this?

5 things a man needs and looks for in his woman.


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